Mon. May 20th, 2024

Regular readers of Ferret will be used to this type of post, most recently titled “Eccles Money Wasted O’Meter” and prior to this “Kenyon Money Wasted O’Meter”.

As the election draws closer (33 Days), Ferret feels it is now much more appropriate to change the title to “Cabal Money Wasted O’Meter”.

The (not so) Independent Cabal of Councillors came into office in May 2019 and wasted (no pun intended) no time in spending our hard earned precept on needless projects and items to fulfil their own needs and wants – NOT those of our community.

The list is endless, as are the companies which services have been procured from, which have direct links to the Cabal of Councillors.

We must also not forget, the promised £200,000 annual reduction in Precept which never materialised.

The total currently stands at: £3,442,549.90 .

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin £3,442,550 towards the £4,000,000 target.£3,442,550Raised £3,442,550 towards the £4,000,000 target.

Important Dates:

Publication Notice Of Election: 23 March 2023

Publication of Candidates: 5 April 2023

Polling Day: 4 May 2023


By Ferret

2 thought on “Cabal Money Wasted O’Meter…”
  1. Totally agree all the wastage expenditure should and needs to be out there in the community for everyone to read and see.The much and very long awaited for NOTICEBOARDS still have not been erected and as agreed by council the monthly accounts placed on it for all the parishioners to see where the precept money has been spent and wasted.It would appear they won’t appear till after the elections wonder why.The Feb accounts are now on the HTC website click top right corner scroll down to Documents and Reports click Finance and view, the amount on food for the Lakeside cafe is staggering in the Thousands of pounds again the HTC certainly are feeding a lot of people sadly not most of the community who are paying for it.
    Please post on FB Thankyou.

  2. Would not surprise me if certain councillors are trying to get past the final hurdle ( top of the pole) before May,.So all spending needs to be stopped Now. Take back the debit /credit cards off individuals until better systems are in place to scrutinze purchases.

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