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Ferret’s Forensic Audit: GOTCHA JIMMY…

Truth maybe an alien concept to certain members of Independent Hemsworth Town Council, unfortunately for them it isn’t to Ferret.

As regular readers are aware, Ferret only posts the truth.

Recently, Ferret has posted about the absolutely disgusting acts, targeted towards members of our community.

Today Ferret would like to present the evidence:

Exhibit A – The Rat:

Exhibit B – The RIP card:

Exhibit C – A letter written by Jim Kenyon back in 2011:

It is quite clear to Ferret who the perpetrator is, seen as though the handwriting is nearly identical on all three documents.

Jim Kenyon is a disgrace…

Important Dates:

Publication Notice Of Election: 23 March 2023

Publication of Candidates: 5 April 2023

Polling Day: 4 May 2023


By Ferret

4 thought on “Ferret’s Forensic Audit: GOTCHA JIMMY…”
  1. Disgrace doesn’t even go anywhere near a proper description of this despicable person and those who surround him and support him.
    All should be ashamed to be seen outdoors and what their families think heaven only knows.

  2. We must also add to the list Breaching parishioners confidentiality by sharing private statements by the ex chair of HTC to his associates.Statements that parishioners were asked to supply by the Town Clerk Alan Draper how trustworthy certain councillors are that run the HTC.Internal,external investigations ,Monitoring office,commissioners office,MP,police,fraud ,auditors all having to be contacted for misdoings of the HTC over the last 4 years let’s hope the parishioners of our community VOTE very wisely for change in the coming election.
    Please post on FB Thankyou.

  3. So forgive me if I’m wrong but surely the card sent to Mr Conway is a death threat? Also if the handwritten letter is from Kenyon as it all be passed on to the police so as to verify the perpetrator? This is all beyond serious now.
    When are the authorities going to start taking all this seriously? When other misdoings have been reported to the monitoring office they’ve washed their hands of it. With excuses of “can’t prove it” (don’t want to) or as I was told if it’s voted for they can do whatever they want.
    Where is this all going to end? May could be too late. Also when May and the elections arrive is it really going to end in the sense of Kenyon’s vendettas.
    Death threats! dead rats!
    Then can I address all the people who are saying “stand for election” “stop hiding behind a keyboard with fake profiles and nicknames” “turn up to meetings”. Does this not prove why people are reluctant. I was once asked to attend town council meetings. I refused even back at the beginning because I knew that Kenyon and the Eccles have dubious pasts and involved in dubious activities and would not have felt comfortable being identified. I think in retrospect this was the right decision. As for standing for election you need people who can devote the time and knowledge to the role. Look where we are with “this lot”. Being a town councillor needs time and commitment you can have an opinion give your views which are all valuable but not everyone with an opinion is suitable for election.
    I sincerely hope that we get some decent people put up for election and the rest of us have the information needed to make the right decision on polling day.

  4. The trouble is there’s at least one other family member of Kenyon who is a dubious as he is. As we all know from CCTV footage from shops in the area and slightly further a field. Some of us have probably witnessed this person stealing, may have been approached to buy the stolen items.
    So the answer to the question as to what family members think, well for some of them not actually a lot as they’re are just as low.

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