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Fraud and the Disposal of the Land at Club Terrace and First Avenue Fitzwilliam?

Ferret has a word of Caution to anyone supporting this action.

Just when we thought it was all over, up pops the Mystic One, Jean Eccles and her band of five accomplices, sorry ‘cabal’ councillors, to muddy not only the water, but their reputations even further.

As Ferret readers will be aware, the decision was taken by the Town Council to let the new councillors review the process of the sale of the land at Fitzwilliam, also known as the former Club Terrace allotment site.

For some very strange reason, this hasn’t gone down well behind the veils of Jean Eccles and the closed doors of Jim Kenyon’s cabal.

In fact, Jim Kenyon has been very vociferous on social media: He has been telling anyone who will listen to him that the deal is now worth £2 million.

Considering an initial valuation was the absurdly low starting price of £800,000, what has changed?

Well Jim Kenyon negotiating without any authority has obviously not changed and still reeks to high heaven, and as we are already aware of:

Jim Kenyon conducting lone “negotiations” on behalf of this council, with a potential buyer and developer.

Hemsworth Town Council, under the stewardship of Jim Kenyon, Jean Eccles and Alan Draper have not had any plans of their own drawn up for the site or submitted any plans to achieve planning permission for the site.

A site with outline planning permission is considerably more valuable than one without.

Hemsworth Town Council and the marketing agents have claimed the site is subject to a ransom access which could devalue it by up to 30%, this is blatantly untrue and has been proven to be so.

The marketing agents and Hemsworth Town Council have now found the evidence of the right of access just where Ferret said it was, with their solicitors, in the Town council offices and with the Planning department.

No wonder when the marketing agent was challenged about this by some non cabal councillors, the agent said he would arrange another meeting to explain this in full.

This would have affected the purchase price with up to a 30% reduction.

The agent has never returned with any explanation for their claim that the site was subject to access restriction and subsequent devaluation.

The previous Labour council had negotiated full highway access when the development of the new houses at Fitzwilliam, adjacent to the Club terrace land, would have “landlocked” the Club Terrace site.

In doing so, it future proofed its use and enhanced its value considerably if ever it was to be sold.

Ferret also believes this community haven’t been consulted adequately about any alternative usages as the consultation apparently took place during the covid lockdown.

Additionally, some people who have contacted the sale/marketing agents for more details of the site and sale have not even had their enquiries acknowledged.

It can be said from a buyer’s point of view the less bids the better but not from the seller’s, they should be encouraging as much completion as possible to achieve the highest possible price.

This cabal Hemsworth Town Council have not applied for any outline planning permission for the Fitzwilliam Club Terrace land in their own right.

Also there was the “repositioning” of the fence at the Wanneville allotments on First Avenue Fitzwilliam that the Town Clerk, Alan Draper lied about when he said that it was not on the proper boundary line.

Moving the fence “co-incidentally” gave enough room for Highway access to the Field behind that could then be connected to the Club terrace land and other land adjacent.

It has even been proven that Draper was in possession of the title deeds to the site which showed beyond doubt it was correctly positioned in its original location.

Creating that access should have been a Council decision as it greatly increased any sale value of that land by up to 30%.

That money if ever any deal is done by the council should go to this community and not into the pockets of anyone else.

Ferret believes that the council decision to let fresh eyes oversee this sale is the only way forward and should not be changed.

Another point, why the urgency?

Yes Ferret knows that the scallies of the cabal have “disposed” of a lot of our money but does not believe that they should be allowed to dispose of this land, especially in the way they have conducted themselves, simply to provide money to cover over all the damage and neglect that our assets are now suffering from due entirely to them.

Two wrongs do not make a right.

Could there possibly be an even more sinister motive given that we have proof of secret meetings, undervalues, claims of having no access to the site, fencing moved that could facilitate access to adjacent fields and the failure to have their own plans drawn up and apply for outline planning permission to realise the sites true potential value?

Would it be a big leap forward to believe deals have been struck and agreed at bargain prices?

Who knows, perhaps even contracts drawn up and signed before council approval has been obtained?

It would certainly explain the rush by the Cabal Councillors and after all they have purchased things before such as the very expensive diggers, before being authorised by the Town Council.

It would maybe and only maybe cover their backs if the council voted for a sale at the meeting on May the second.

If they don’t it would certainly be Fraud if the sale went ahead, as it is, it could be possibly classed as attempted fraud and the consequences could be very costly on a personal level for any councillor who votes to sell.

The consequences are as follows for dishonest statements for land sales on documents:

If you dishonestly enter information or make a statement that you know is or might be, untrue or misleading and intend by doing so to make a gain for yourself or another person, or cause loss or the risk of loss to another person, you may commit the offence of fraud under section 1 of the Fraud Act 2006.

The maximum sentence is 10 years imprisonment or an unlimited fine or both.

Hemsworth Independent Extra Ordinary Town Council Meeting 2nd May 2023.

Fraud and the Disposal of the Land at Club Terrace and First Avenue Fitzwilliam?

Take Heed or prepare to reap the consequences anyone who maybe planning to dishonestly dispose of any part of this community’s land assets or any of those that vote to do so. It may just cost you everything you own, your liberty and your reputations…

By Ferret

2 thought on “Independent Hemsworth Extraordinary Town Council Meeting 2 May 2023…”
  1. Well there’s definitely no room for absentee, abstaining or any Councillor who votes to support this meeting called by Jean Eccles and her puppets in this community now or ever. This is
    such a travesty of decency even being called.
    Shameless to say the least and with probably corrupt intent, as usual.

  2. Unfortunately it appears one non cabal councillor is trying to drum up support for himself as he intends supporting the Kenyon Eccles cabal with the land vote.
    I won’t name him yet as I always thought he was honest and a friend.
    Just shows how wrong you can be, still the shame and disgrace will always be with him.
    I hope he thinks it’s worth it, whatever his price is.

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