Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Ferret is appalled that any human being would think it is acceptable to send a dead rat through the post.

Firstly, please accept Ferret’s apology for the photographic proof which is shared below.

Is this a story in a national newspaper, you may ask?

No, unfortunately for the local parishioner it has happened in Hemsworth.

Just what sort of thought process would a person have, when thinking to do this?

Well unfortunately for him, it seems as though the rat has more intelligence as, HE USED HIS OWN HANDWRITING to address it.

If anyone would like to guess which current councillor could have done such a despicable thing,
Ferret will give you some clues:
• He sometimes prefers to be called Janet and/or Paul
• He has a habit of drink driving
• He currently resides with Samantha Knowles, rent free in the Waterpark flat
• He uses disabled parking bays at Tesco without displaying a badge.

No prizes for guessing who sent it…

Important Dates:
Publication Notice Of Election: 23 March 2023
Publication of Candidates: 5 April 2023
Polling Day: 4 May 2023

By Ferret

4 thought on “You dirty rat…”
  1. OMG Totally,utterly Disgusting.
    What kind of human being could send it to another human being.
    Please can you post on FB Thankyou.

  2. What obnoxious people these are, surely we aren’t as a community going to put up with another four years of this totally unacceptable behaviour. Its time for it to be brought to an end.

  3. Totally disgusting, Ian targeted again I say use any means at your disposal to fetch the culprit/culprits to justice, The diseases that rats carrry are potentially life threatening , I dread the thought if a child had opened it total disregard for the consequences of their actions.

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