Tue. May 28th, 2024

Who can forget the Donkey’s which arrived at the Waterpark back in October 2020?


In a Town Council meeting in 15 October 2020:


To consider stabling/having donkeys for recreational purposes in the park

Unfortunately for Mystic Jean, the Donkeys had already been spotted at the Waterpark in Playworld.

Further proof has now emerged that the Donkeys had been resident at the Waterpark before the matter was even put to the Town Council to vote on.

Here is a photograph of the stables which had been already been built to house them in:

A blatant disregard of the Nolan Principles, further spending of this Communities money on housing and feeding animals without any authorisation from the Town Council.

Will Jean and Gordon be paying this money back to the Community…

By Ferret

One thought on “Little Donkey, Little Donkey…at the Waterpark…”
  1. Let’s face it the HTC as been run by a set of DONKEYS since 2019 but that being said it is a disservice to the animal donkeys they are intelligent, caring honest animals unlike the cabal donkeys.Donkeys can’t vote in May but the community can VOTE,the parishioners can bring in the changes this community so needs and deserves so VOTE very very wisely.

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