Tue. May 28th, 2024

With the upcoming election for a new Chair at Hemsworth Town Council. Ferret thought it would be a good time to recap some of Mr Jim Kenyon’s “greatest” moments.

Will his “Independent” colleagues vote for him to remain Chair for another year?

Just who is Mr Jim Kenyon?

He is all things to all people is Mr Jim Kenyon, with a lie for every occasion.

However, some of these are very repetitive but then again if it worked once, use it again and again. People will eventually believe it, even if they had doubts before.

That’s his motto, that is until the same old lies are discovered to be just that, even then He waits a short while, sometimes just minutes and regurgitate them out again.

The perennial expert, he can and does talk with ease about any ideas or schemes, no matter how madcap they are, especially when he is trying to line his own pocket and never a care for the damage and upset he leaves in his trail.

He has had many disasters both here in the United Kingdom and also abroad, most notably in Tenerife.

Ferret is running a reprise of some of his “achievements” for the benefit of any new readers who may not have seen them posted previously.

Day 6 – The Madness Gains Pace

A gate appeared to prevent access by us the public, the owners, to the Waterpark and the Eccles’ were made key holders to their dream world.

Diggers, overpriced and underused with no business plan, were bought even before being authorised by the Town Council.

Again no apology or resignation for getting it so terribly wrong was forthcoming.

He rescinded the contract with Saul construction, madness, did he really think he could bully Saul out of £3 million Pounds?

The dream of a Kenyon Way, leading to the Kenyon stadium of Hemsworth blurred his already skewed brain. Costs soared nearly reaching £200,000 and including staff costs, probably more.

His new friend’s the lawyers, became even richer, stays in hotels, expensive legal advice taken and taken again, no matter what the lost cause, he always needed more advice.

For some reason it never agreed with Kenyon’s expert spouting’s but always with the advice that was already in the Town Council office and had been gathering dust for the last 3 years.

No apology or resignation for getting it so terribly wrong again was forthcoming.

Coming tomorrow – Day 7 – The Decline and neglect Begins to Show

By Ferret

One thought on “Kenyon: Is He Fit To Be The Chair of Hemsworth Town Council? Day 6…”
  1. Kenyon the big hero that’s what he wanted and still wants everyone to believe. He can’t even understand that he’s now seen as zero. Even now I bet he still believes his own lies.

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