Tue. May 28th, 2024

With the upcoming election for a new Chair at Hemsworth Town Council. Ferret thought it would be a good time to recap some of Mr Jim Kenyon’s “greatest” moments.

Will his “Independent” colleagues vote for him to remain Chair for another year?

Just who is Mr Jim Kenyon?

He is all things to all people is Mr Jim Kenyon, with a lie for every occasion.

However, some of these are very repetitive but then again if it worked once, use it again and again. People will eventually believe it, even if they had doubts before.

That’s his motto, that is until the same old lies are discovered to be just that, even then He waits a short while, sometimes just minutes and regurgitate them out again.

The perennial expert, he can and does talk with ease about any ideas or schemes, no matter how madcap they are, especially when he is trying to line his own pocket and never a care for the damage and upset he leaves in his trail.

He has had many disasters both here in the United Kingdom and also abroad, most notably in Tenerife.

Ferret is running a reprise of some of his “achievements” for the benefit of any new readers who may not have seen them posted previously.

Day 7 – The Decline and neglect begins to show

The facilities started their decline in condition, new staff who replaced the old, were now unable to meet the demands of their new jobs.

What about the 200 thousand pounds that was promised to be given back to the voters, from the first year asked the Ferret?

Kenyon was seen to visibly wince,  no way he said, He need that money for the tribute band that he had booked to play.

Is that for the Queen we all thought?  No someone even better, me of course, replied Kenyon.

He Planned to ride upon the bus for all to see resplendent in his chain of office, while the band played so all of us could pay homage to the mighty omnipotent Kenyon.

The costs soared, the final figure is still unknown and the neglect of the facilities gained pace. So much so that he had to bring in a former employee on contract to start some of the necessary remedial work.

Coming tomorrow – Day 8 – The Teacher, The Experts and The betrayal…

By Ferret

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