Wed. May 22nd, 2024

A Seasonal reprise of – A few but only a few of Kenyon’s “achievements” in brief.

On the twenty second day of KenyonmessLoss of Hemsworth Town Council Quality status, Jobs for the boys and Girls – fixed interviews – Use of Councillors companies for procurement – Fully supported by Kenyon

The previous Town Council achieved “Quality Status” as a council and maintained this position for a number of years until 2019 when Kenyon and Co took up residence.

They immediately removed the additional safeguards of more audits, financial controls etc that are required to be undertaken by a Quality Council.

Very strange, but we soon found out why with petty cash flowing like water and cash becoming a regular and accepted method of payment for goods and services.

Jobs for family members and relatives of councillors became accepted.

Then Kenyon’s alias of the Bodger admitted the fixing of interviews.

All of this and more became normal, including the use of Councillors companies for procurement.

By Ferret

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