Thu. May 30th, 2024

In their latest Newsletter, Independent Hemsworth Town Council are claiming:

Ferret may be getting on a bit in years, but can remember both Fitzwilliam and Kinsley having Christmas trees before.

Maybe these used to be provided by Wakefield Council and Independent Hemsworth Town Council are once again paying for something that Wakefield should provide.

So much for them not “taking no for an answer” with regards to Wakefield…

By Ferret

7 thought on “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree…”
  1. Just another example of how hypocritical Bunyon and his brigade are. They screamed from the rooftops at anything “double rated” in the past. The trees are good bunyons are not.

  2. wel used to always have a christmas tree at top of railway terrace on the corner of wakefield road a quite substantial one as well as decorations

  3. kinsley had a xmas tree last year a small one ,were we put our poppys ,,and the people of kinsley added decoration to it ..but i got to say only because,,the Counsellors of fitzwilliam stood in and fought for xmas trees for kinsley as well has one for fitzwilliam fighting for our rights …whats good for goose is good for gander hemsworth didnt have to fight for a tree has its a cert they get one every year …cant understand why the kinsley Counsellors dont fight for kinsley to have the same as over villages …

  4. In the Leisure and Recreation Meeting on 22/7/21 a quote from WMDC was approved for 2 Christmas Trees.
    Why just two?
    Where did HTC plan to put the other one?

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