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As we are all aware Mr Jim Kenyon’s proposed sports village will more than likely bankrupt our Community either through the court case with Saul Ltd, win or lose, the building costs or simply the ongoing yearly running and maintenance costs.

Another one of the comments that was removed from Facebook by District Councillor Mr Ian Womersley, is printed here:

Ferret finds it interesting reading, particularly his vision for the future of the site, its use and the description he gives of it.

Ferret thought this sounds very familiar, what does this remind me of?

Of course, it’s the Waterpark, a readymade bought and paid for site, owned at least for the present, by this community, where all these attractions and more exist.

As for the “Dual” in the crown as he calls it, Ferret assumes he means “Jewel in the crown” a name already given to the Waterpark that he tried to give away into a trust.

One more thought, this “vision for the use of the site” bears little resemblance to the plans actually produced by Mr Jim Kenyon at a cost to us, that not surprisingly, is predominately football pitches, a deserving sector that is already well catered for.

By Ferret

10 thought on “The proposed sports village – The “Dual” in the crown”
  1. Dual in the crown that they are actually telling people is so contaminated its dangerous so why do they want to make it into something for kids and risk there health if what they are saying is true
    Lies lies lies its so frustrating that he sits on his throne and constantly lies
    Can he actually tell the truth no I don’t think he can
    Mr Kenyon remove yourself from that throne you are a disgrace to our

  2. Womersley may really have meant “dual” then we would have had 2 similar venues to upkeep, lol. Then of course Kenyon or the Bodger as he may prefer to be called now, could put a sixties style club/pub on there too. It’s a good job he didn’t spell it ” duel” or we could have a fight to the death on the site, just imagine
    The Ferret v Bodger Kenyon. Then again the way this is going Bodger Kenyon will be long gone leaving us to pick up the pieces.

  3. It’s apparent from this vision that even then the proposed use for the site differed from Councillor to Councillor. It confirms what we already know, blindly follow my leader, let him tell us what we want to hear without questions being asked and lead us into financial ruin, rescind a contract with out understanding the consequences for this community. Commit to a course of action without any planning in place of any kind on a pipe dream. No Financial or business planning even thought about.The very serious and sad part of this whole episode is that these people are still suppose to be representing us at District and Town level. Womersley is even part of the steering group discussing the investment of millions of pounds from Wakefield for this area. Beyond belief that he would even be considered because I personally cannot think of one project that he has steered to date to this area during the many years he has been a Councillor.

  4. That’s exactly what I thought if it’s so contaminated why do they want it to develop into anything for people to use. If it’s so contaminated are the people in the houses built by there suffering from this contamination. I kept reading and reading the bodger post this king am I missing something here. As far as bodger JK is concerned he wouldn’t know the truth if it came riding on one of those poor gift to us donkeys while driving one of the essential plant machinery through the Lord and lady’s gates.
    As far as bodger is concerned he believes his own lies you have to admit that’s one hell of an achievement when he’s even fooled himself.

  5. Laughing my head off here, you’re so right about bodger’s achievement 🤣🤣 and guess what’s even more strange and funny bodger’s right hand man Pringle lives in one of those adjacent houses 🤣🤣🤣

  6. I think it’s very telling that a councillor asks people to stop raising concerns then in the sentence says to work together. Councillors should listen to concerns. Why didn’t they hold a public meeting? Get people to voice their concerns, address them in a sensible way? Constituents need to be listened to, they may not always be right but they deserve the courtesy of having their voices heard. A council will never be able to make every single person happy, it’s the nature of the beast but at the same time people will be more accepting when things don’t do their way if they are presented with clear, concise information and sound rationale.

  7. The steering group is being led by someone who is not a councillor of any sort, and the reps from the 4 villages are all good, community minded people. Any project put forward by the steering group has to be approved by a separate committee in WDMC, so none of our councillors, whether Town or District, have much in the way of influence on how this money is spent.

  8. Thank you for the update Lyn. I’m sure this good news puts many members of the communities minds at rest.

  9. Sorry but it doesn’t ease my concerns about womersley being part of this group. I only hope he is as bad at attending this group as he is all the other meetings he is supposed to attend and leaves the rest to get on with it properly.

  10. ive proposed a public meeting donna as opposed to kenyon n drapers fake invitation of a private meeting still awaiting a reply

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