Mon. May 20th, 2024

Ferret is disappointed that Mr Ian Womersley – Independent District/Hemsworth Town Councillor has still not answered any of the questions asked of him on my site.

When looking further into this he does seem to have disappeared:

  • Facebook – His Councillor page has been removed.
  • Surgeries – Most other Councillors offer these on a regular basis – He has never held one.
  • Emails – Either go unanswered or replies are very late.
  • Phone Calls – Ferret has had reports of him failing to answer the phone or when he does, He sounds very half-hearted and uninterested.

Could this be because he has recently moved out of the ward he represents?

Councillor Womersley -You were voted into your role as District Councillor by nearly 50% of the people you now represent.

Councillor Womersley – You were voted into your role as Town Councillor by over 30% of the people you now represent.

Why are you no longer available to help these people?

Why are you not attending meetings at Wakefield Council on a regular basis, in your role as District Councillor which you are paid an allowance of £12000 for?

Ferret accepts that your full-time job as Keyworker at Berneslai Homes, for which you are paid around £30000 may be getting in the way of your other commitments…

If so, maybe now is time to resign and allow an election to take place, so Hemsworth can have:

  • someone who is available all of the time
  • someone who is open and transparent
  • and finally, someone who will stand up to Mr Jim Kenyon and secure our money and our assets immediately before they are gone.

By Ferret

19 thought on “Councillor Ian Womersley – Wherefore art thou?”
  1. Well said Ferret, I’ve just been shown some of those missing FB pages, very interesting what relationships can now be seen going back 2 years. The lies that have been told on line, no wonder that they’ve been deleted bet they’re angry and surprised that people have kept them. What goes around comes around as they say!

  2. It’s like the fb posts on Kenyon and folletti’s pages of Kenyon in his usual fancy dress knighting folletti. Miraculously deleted just before last week’s election. Do they think people don’t remember.? At the time of posting someone asked what it was in aid of. No answer was given.

  3. Dead right Donald, the worst is yet to come, this Kenyon, Womersley led bunch of lying idiots is taking us straight to disaster while filling there own pockets and continuing to fill other people’s minds with lie after lie and corruption abounds. Evil scum those who are doing it and those who are allowing it to continue.

  4. Disgusted is not the word i feel about this whole sorry mess ! Yes a lot of people are waking up to the fact that Ian W is not as honest,open and transparent as he would have us all to believe but not everyone does ! The lies about former council members and staff that they have spouted in the past regarding backhanders and ” brown envelopes” still stick to this day and many still believe it to be true, although a thorough forensic audit proved otherwise! Ian and Jim have lied over and over regarding Kirkby rd sports complex to the point that a lot of people think they have won the costly legal battle when they have not. He is not OPEN as he is virtually unreachable now due to cutting his social media ties. He is not HONEST as he has lied and misled us all for years and years. He may be TRANSPARENT ..because myself and many others can see straight through him !! SPEAK UP MAN and own what is happening to the village you represent !!

  5. Had ferret not enlightened us as to the current state of affairs regarding Kirby road I myself was under the impression it had all been settled obviously it’s very far from being settled and to let folk believe so is in the very least utterly disingenuous and certainly not open and transparent. What alarms me is why in heavens name would you commission architects drawings and plans on something that as yet to be decided by the courts regarding ownership utter madness. All this lot is and will continue to do so cost thousands

  6. Feel very disappointed and bad about myself because I was told a long time ago that IW was not the person I believed him to be. I defended him more than once. There must be many more like me so let down, conned, I feel so gutted for believing in him for so long and apologies to all I wouldn’t listen to.

  7. Don’t think you’re the only one I’ve believed him. I now know different, we now have ferret, unfortunately such a lot of people still don’t realise. I’ve known about Kenyon a long time and his unfounded accusations of previous HTC and what a horrid man he is. Just recently the cannabis stench from his wife’s bungalow has resumed. I mentioned to IW a couple of year back that for someone who thought himself an honourable citizen and the chair of HTC, I didn’t think drug taking at his residence was and appropriate or good example.

  8. i always said I W and indeed the whole independent scam was fraudulent and fake is there not a body or anything we can report them to there must be something we can do i have no confidence on that cabal whatsoever what mechanism is open to me tpo report and highlight my concerns

  9. You certainly did Kevin, Ferret has the Facebook posts to prove it. As to your other concerns, watch this space…

  10. Didn’t some members of the cabal have links to UKIP? A party known for using brexit as a front for their racist beliefs?

  11. I wonder if councillor Ian W and his friend the chairman will be at the policy/planning meeting tonight ! Only because they were absent from the last one ! Also I wonder why its NOT being held at Hemsworth Town Council community centre and is at Fitzwilliam instead ! The venue has limited parking and attendees are asked to car share or park away
    from the centre !! This may be normal stuff of course but it just seemed odd ? Just wondering ?

  12. I’m gutted I can’t go, I’m away training in Leicester. They need to get them all online and not just the main council meeting

  13. I wonder if it’s to allow different people to attend? Parking isn’t ideal but means parishioners from fitzwilliam can attend where they may not usually?

  14. This wasn’t just the policy & Planning meeting.
    Another meeting took place after at 7.30 pm called To the Trustees of the Old People’s centre, Fitzwilliam
    I can’t find this on the HTC website, to show the Agenda but I may not be looking in the correct place.

    Councillor IW wasn’t present

  15. Community Centre .Bullenshaw Road .Hemsworth .Pontefract .West Yorkshire .WF9 4NE Tel: (01977) 617617 Fax: (01977) 610494
    Email: Web: Town Clerk: Alan J Draper BA PSLCC
    You are hereby summoned to attend an extraordinary meeting of Hemsworth Town Council to be held in the main hall, Hemsworth Town Council Community Centre, Bullenshaw Road, Hemsworth, commencing at 7pm on Tuesday 12 October 2021 for the purpose of transacting the following business.
    J Kenyon
    Cllr J Kenyon Chairman
    To receive apologies for absence and to consider and approve the reasons for absence.
    Councillors should disclose pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest/s in any item/s on this agenda.
    To receive questions from members of the public on any matter of council business, including (but not limited to):
    • Kirkby Road sports complex
    • Hemsworth Water Park
    • Councillors’ conduct
    • Questions and answers generally
    Alternatively, members of the public can send queries in writing to the town clerk prior to the meeting and answers will be provided on the night.
    Councillors Dodson, G Eccles, J Eccles, Folletti, Hardacre, Hird, Hirst, Kenyon, Middleton, Mitchell, Pringle, A Westmorland, G Westmorland, Wilson and Womersley.

    Alan Draper
    Town Clerk
    24 September 2021

  16. i w missing maybe he is moonlighting offering car parking and donkey walking for lord n lady of wp or polishing jks trumpet lol

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