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As my readers already know Ferret does love a coincidence.

INDEPENDENT Hemsworth Town Council seem to have a habit of them.

In the Town Council Meeting on 17 June 2021


Resolved that in accordance with the Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2011 (as amended) and having reviewed the efficacy of the present internal audit and system of internal controls, the report of the internal auditor be received and approved, and that MR SIMON KNEE of Horbury Financial Services be appointed as the council’s internal auditor for the ensuing year and that the scope of internal audit for 2021-22 be the adequacy and effectiveness of; accounting records, system of internal control, risk assessment and wider internal control arrangements.

The SAME Mr Simon Knee who was Secretary at A.G.& H.G.GROUNDWORKS LIMITED.

A.G.& H.G.GROUNDWORKS LIMITED is owned by Councillor Gordon Eccles and his wife Jean.

Edit: CONFIRMED by former Councillor Bugge in the comments that this information WAS WITHHELD from the Council meeting prior to being voted on.

Will we ever get a written response to our questions submitted to Independent Hemsworth Town Council and Mr Kenyon from the meeting held on 12 October 2021?

By Ferret

13 thought on “Coincidences…”
  1. Well said Humphrey, keeps getting worse. Nothing like being impartial is there? and this definitely doesn’t go anywhere close to even pretending to be that. Wonder how much this man charges?

  2. WOW…this sounds fishy to say the least ! If this kind of thing was happening in Downing Street and the press got hold of the story…there would be calls for inquiry or resignations!!!

  3. Aaaaaaah s**t shame
    They never told Other councillors that when it came to the vote again withholding information from the public and councillors well the councillors who weren’t in the clic

  4. It appears that this council is anything but independent and obviously ran by an inner circle of hierarchy who have their own agenda and policies. Anyone outside that inner circle is surplus to requirements and in reality is only there to make the numbers up as a small number of them have now realised that. An elaborate coup indeed to abuse democracy to establish for what in reality is nothing more than a dictatorship with a few nodding dogs on the stage to give the appearance and aura of respectability to a puppet regime. It’s not new actually it’s very old Hitler did the same thing.

  5. In the minutes it says they declared a non pecuniary interest in this item. So are the minutes fixed or did they declare?

  6. Why is it in the minutes that they declared an interest in this if they didn’t?!?!

  7. The point really is, this appointment is now being viewed as morally or ethically unwise, and leads to other questions such as was the position advertised, if so how many applications were there, what criteria to select were used etc.

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