Thu. May 30th, 2024

For those readers of Ferret which are not aware, there is a 2 story flat attached to the Lakeside Café Bar.

Its current tenant is Sam Knowles (Head of Security at Independent Hemsworth Town Council)

YOU have paid £740 for her plants and carpets.

Will we ever get a written response to our questions submitted to Independent Hemsworth Town Council and Mr Kenyon from the meeting held on 12 October 2021?

By Ferret

13 thought on “The Lakeside Café Bar flat…”
  1. Well we might as well, we pay for everything bloody else!!!! 😡😡😡 I want my precept back.

  2. You wouldn’t believe this if it was a sit com on TV. Beyond a joke to say the least, definitely needs sorting cos we’re heading for deep trouble. Can’t see how we’re paying for plants at all by any means for a tenant

  3. sure i seen £3,282.00 paid for hanging baskets…on july statement …lot of money …and wonder who contenders were for this job? as ive noticed a indepdant councelers was given this.contract ..other venders had no chance ..all quotes go threw town council ,,,so this counceler had inside knowledge…work like this should be given to local businesses to help comunity ..not to line the pockets of councelers …alot going off here and im intregided to who all jobs skip hire ect given to as councelors have there own business as well are they giving themselfs the work ? the money?

  4. Well done ferret, keep unearthing this council for what it is, I’m sure there’s lots more to come, there’s no way this can be lawful, inline with spending rules that do say spending should be in line with what an ordinary person on the street would believe is acceptable. Been looking at the accounts myself and there’s also a lot of “cashbook” payments, some very substantial. Something very wrong here

  5. Providing plants and carpets for what is after all an employee perk heavens above chief executives of multi national companies don’t benefit from such grace and favour

  6. some obvious ,malpractice going off here they, the i so called independents are simply taking the urine and laughing in our faces is there any where or anyone we could report them to to be held accountable and can we lodge a plea of no confidence in the current cabal thats practising extortionate financial acts with our precept

  7. Hi Kevin a vote of no confidence by the people at special town meeting is not binding on the council. Even a vote by councillors to get rid of Kenyon as chair is not enforceable and he has told them he won’t go.They can pick a new chair next year or if they don’t agree with the way the council is being run they can refuse to work with him and change their standing orders to prevent this reckless spending. If they don’t take action then they will be seen to be complicit and should be held to account by the voters, financially and hopefully legally

  8. Malpractice is a polite word, People who steal off their own community are the lowest of the low.

  9. too right they are complicit richie all are corrupt campaign based on lies and fraudulent claims need removing NOW


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