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Further to Ferret’s previous post, regarding the disgruntled former employees of Independent Hemsworth Town Council and the downright dangerous and sometimes even illegal activities which they were ordered to complete by Councillor Jim Kenyon and Head of Security / General Manager, Samantha Knowles.

Ferret is now able to confirm the situation with the buried asbestos at the Waterpark.

First of all, the materials which were removed from the allotment sites DID include asbestos and this was placed in the footings of the ‘free’ storage unit at the Waterpark.

Jim Kenyon then ordered the staff to dig this back up, exposing them once again to the hazardous materials and had them bury it elsewhere.

Some members of the public stumbled across some discarded materials whilst walking around the lower lake at the waterpark, staff were quickly sent to collect these up.

Readers may also recall the previous post regarding this and the fact that Alan Draper – Town Clerk had engaged a company to test an area of land at the Waterpark, following an allegation of asbestos being buried there.

Well guess what?

He didn’t take them to the correct location!

Here is the correct location:

Ferret hopes that our Good Councillors will now ensure a full investigation takes place not only into the asbestos but also into the, once again complicit behaviour of Alan Draper.

The truth, the location of the asbestos finally revealed…

By Ferret

14 thought on “The truth, the location of the asbestos finally revealed…”
  1. If this alleged allegation is true, then I hope it as been reported to the environment department straight away at wmdc for further investigation 🔎,.Asbestos is classed as a hazardous substance and as to be handled , removed and transported under strict license to approved sites by approved contractors and if you contracted this type of work out, the teams that do the work come suited and booted with you’ve guessed it there RAMS! So if someone has told someone else to dispose of it, as in this manner, they have committed an offence they have not only endangered the people’s they told to do it, but the general public as well. And finally anyone who has worked in the building trade would have being aware of the dangerous nature of this material
    It appears to me some unscrupulous people’s think they are above the laws of the land let’s see what the future holds.

  2. OMG this as to be the most horrendous,dangerous and sheer disregard for the entire communities safety and cannot and must not go unpunished.The risk the employees have been subjected to by being forced to move Asbestos from one site to another and to rebury it amongst a Community parkland is beyond belief and the councillor ,the staffs manager ,the Town Clerk should be suspended or dismissed immediately and a full team of investigators brought in.This shows the whole community how little the cabal and Town Clerk value our well being,no regard for public safety,no regard for the poor employees ordered to remove it and rebury it now it’s time they were removed and prosecuted the lot of them.

  3. On the day of the visit to the Waterpark by the asbestos “specialist”, pictures of the site were posted on their FB page. The pictures were the same pictures that were on the report. The disturbing thing was that when the location was tagged…it was somewhere else!!!! Something not right about it all

  4. There is definitely need now for a full investigation and hopefully prosecutions,The whole community needs to bombard the Town Clerk at the community centre for answers .

  5. If the alleged is true it’s Total disrguad for there employees safety on more than one occasion (HSE to be informed )
    clear breaches of the H&S at work act and other regulations which an employer HAS a duty of care to adhere to, enforced by the responsible person , who might be?. If people have clearly misled a investigation then they are guilty of a crime GH could possibly tell you more on that,I would say to anyone involved in the alleged illegal disposal of asbestos, employees come forward it’s your chance to have it on record you are not to blame ,under stand this, because if you contract asbestosis in the future (progressive diesease) (horrendous diesease) at least there will be something on record.
    It’s the clerk to uphold that rules,procedure etc are followed ,it might well be he didn’t know anything about any disposal but now he is aware ot it( can a Councillor tell him for the record) fought he would have to act on it?
    Perhaps our learned friend could tell us? nobody should be fly tipping on our land then burying it, report it to wakefield street scene with names they will investigate it, waste disposal facilities are available use them like we do!!.

  6. Just reading on social media, people are accusing employee’s of been complict in the done deed, yes they are, but have you asked did they no the dangers associated with asbestos because I’m convinced they wouldn’t have touched it the first time never mind again ( if I asked my partner the danger of asbestos they wouldn’t have a clue so don’t assume they do) we have to encourage them to tell there side and get it on record not scare them ,the only judgment I would say is if they don’t come forward they are doing the community in which they live an injustice but more so themselves

  7. Well it will be interesting to see if those councillors who for some reason are reluctant to even show support for the ones that are trying to remedy matters wake up to reality of what is happening. In no way do I blame any employee especially the ones who have been basically forced to leave. Life was apparently made he’ll for them.

  8. Time now for a full enquiry this cannot be buried like a lot of unsavoury goings on by certain Independent HTC councillors all aided by the Town Clerk who should have protected the public ,the community and most importantly should have protected and supported HTC staff.The ex employees many of them worked loyally and gave years of service to the HTC deserve gold medals and are hopefully now able to tell their side and serve their community with pride.

  9. Julie and ‘The truth is Outed’

    Apparently councillors at that time knew where it was buried! That is a big disappointment to me as as I remember there was only Councillor Hird doing anything. If the councillors did know the location, as apparently at least one member of the public knew, they should hang their heads in shame and resign now!

  10. Smart asbestos removal nottingham
    Facebook page 15/06/21
    Investigation works to look for presence of asbestos at Langtoft , East yorkshire. The pictures on the report that were used, are the same pictures that appeared on the Waterpark report that was dated the day before! Did they even come to Hemsworth at all ?

  11. This is an absolute disgrace, typically Kenyon, from start to finish.
    Maxine Hird has been working very hard since her election onto the council and has also been obstructed by other councillors at times.
    I’ve even been told that not all of the supposedly decent councillors have signed the letter for a special meeting to be called where all these matters could be discussed. One even thinks getting the gate shifted was enough. The Eccles gate should be only the start and not the end. Shape up help Maxine and the others or ship out.

  12. Well said Vickie the councillors who do not back and support Councillor Maxine Hird who is fighting for the safety of our community and who do not show the community they have a backbone will I am afraid be shown what the community thinks of them as councillors and come May it’s our VOTES that will ship them out.

  13. Julie it isn’t always the ones you think aren’t supporting her and sometimes it is the ones you think are supporting her that aren’t! They are the ones glory seeking!

  14. I reported the buried waste at the waterpark to Environment at Wakefield almost 2 years ago when I first found out about it.
    The Environment Agency were involved. They issued a U1 Exemption certificate to the council for the buried waste.
    There is a great deal more information about this whole matter over on Facebook.

    If you don’t have access to Facebook, I’ll be happy to tell you everything I did when I was first made aware of this business in March 2021.

    I brought this to the attention of the council, and Councillor Peter Hardacre demanded a special meeting to discuss it which was then shut down before anything constructive happened.

    We tried, but without any concrete proof or witness statements about asbestos, the waste was treated simply as construction waste and the matter shelved.

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