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A resident has managed to obtain a reply to the question, was a risk assessment undertaken with regards to the Christmas Float?

The float that was driven by Jean Eccles, supplied for use by Jean and Gordon Eccles with no valid MOT or Road Tax according to the government’s own web site and despite refusing to have a DBS clearance, carried Jim Kenyon around the Township to mingle with our children.

Well according to Mr Draper, It had been subjected to a risk assessment.

Well that’s it I’m afraid, so did Mr Draper check if it was legal to be used on the road by seeing and copying its MOT, Insurance and road tax status?

Who Knows?

Definitely not Ferret at this time.

There’s been no murmur or anything else in the way of communication from Hemsworth Town Council as to whether an investigation is taking place by them in to how this situation was allowed to happen.

We’ve heard Jean Eccles stifling debate by saying a police investigation is underway but this should not stop an internal inquiry being held into the Town Clerk, Alan Draper and if he acted correctly and followed due diligence with his checks.

Ferret must say any failure of due diligence that allowed an untaxed vehicle, without an MOT to be used can be nothing short of gross misconduct and if proven should receive the highest sanction available, immediate dismissal.

The Christmas Float: An Update of Sorts…Well It Is From Draper…

By Ferret

5 thought on “The Christmas Float: An Update of Sorts…Well It Is From Draper…”
  1. Very evasive is the Town Clerk Alan Draper with answers to anything especially FOIs.The truth is like pulling teeth but they do come out eventually and so the community must wait but the clock is ticking and I am sure the community will get answers.

  2. Totally agree, Didn’t He get asked the question if a risk assessment had been done and kept quite. As far as I’m aware HTC wasn’t getting investigated it was the legitimacy of a vehicle belonging to someone else, so he could have answered the question yes/no?.
    Question who does the Rams (risk assessment and method statement ) have they being on any course?, electronic email to prove same, HTC should only except electronic emails and any paperwork submitted scanned in prior to anyworks being carried out these are basic details is there anything in any HTC policy??

  3. I would have expected a investigation to be carried out into these very serious allegations immediately by Hemsworth Town Council.
    It is strange that nobody from the council has even stated that they are or have done an investigation.

  4. We all would like answers and a quick and swift end to the reign of the disastrous 4year Independent run HTC but as a community we must support and back the good councillors to do what is necessary to achieve this.The evidence must be in place,and I am sure that all the good councillors are working hard and are totally committed to bringing in the changes our community so need and deserve.Patience am sure will be rewarded the correct procedures have to be followed and this will take time ,statements ,meetings and outcomes can only be made public if and when the authorities have concluded their findings so as a community the way ahead is to be patient and to give the good councillors our full trust and support and by VOTING for change .

  5. Something different, has anybody found out yet what the make and model number of the expensive camera is, somebody who work in a security warehouse supplying traders will find out the cost to trader’s.

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