Thu. May 30th, 2024

Ferret recently posted about Jean Eccles’ the current Chair of Hemsworth Town Council (but not for much longer many hope), barking orders to council staff, in the new café near her home in Kinsley, that she says she doesn’t work in.

Well given the current financial losses that the Lakeside Café Bar is now making, Mr. Wibberley probably wouldn’t want her working there or more fool him if he does as her Curriculum Vitae wouldn’t be much of a recommendation.

Though on second thoughts, she may bring a second string to their bow if she expanded her mystic talents and set up a stall there.

A bacon butty and palm reading, all at a combined price, erm that may just work and people may pay extra, especially if she wore a thicker veil!

Anyway, back to the point of this post. Readers, along with Ferret were a little puzzled as to why Hemsworth Town Council workers were in the café in the first place and after a few enquiries the mystery is solved, although it is not good news for the Lakeside or the community.

The answer given by them is simply that it is cheaper to use than the Lakeside Café and equally as important; the prices at the Waterpark do not reflect the quality of the food served.

Oh, has that naughty Ferret just given Mr Wibberley a back handed compliment?

Must try harder Ferret and don’t let it happen again.

As for the Lakeside Café, perhaps Jean should remove her veil and see clearly the reality that she has created.

Then again Ferret believes she already knows, all too well…

By Ferret

4 thought on “Independent Hemsworth Town Council: The Lakeside Café…”
  1. Wonder if the good councillors are aware of the redeployment of Lakeside cafe staff working over the road,maybe worth checking with the Town Clerk Alan Draper to confirm if it is true .The vast amounts spent each month to Brakes,premier and Costco on food even though footfall is very low at the Lakeside and as we are told in meetings is running at a considerable loss may also be worth asking the Town Clerk if this is being redeployed and placed in a spare walk in fridge freezer as the Lakeside as acquired a new £14.000 walk in fridge freezer and remember this is all at our cost,the community pot paid for the lot .

  2. Let’s face it, everyone else knew it was a no go to run as a bar 15 years ago, and to reopen it as bar as they did the other year was sheer stupidity and madness. The even worse bit is some of the present councillors appear to want to keep it running despite it huge losses, appearance and it actually putting families off from going to the park.

  3. Vickie the appearance of our lakeside waterpark is enough to put anyone off parishioners and visitors alike.Prison metal gates and barriers ,filthy swampy lakes look absolutely disgusting not very inviting not even for the wildlife anymore.It’s decay over the last 4 years is so sad to see from members of our community who used to have such pride in our main asset and it was enjoyed by families who would spend hours in the summer months.We can only hope the tide is changing and it can be restored and given back to the community but unfortunately at a cost to the community budget again.

  4. Hi Julie think the jist was they were dining there, unless you know otherwise? Would have thought HTC employees wouldn’t be allowed to work on private sites 🤔 because of insurance etc,and if they had been in private work there should be something on the monthly accounts as income. Unless we give out free labour.
    Yes agree alot of food seems to go through the windsurfer what happens to food nearing there use by date??
    If the fridge has been replaced (I don’t know) then this would have been disposed of properly (hazardous waste) to which HTC will have a paper trail so it wouldn’t be too hard to check FOI springs to mind , and finally why have the independents put up the preceipt when they promised us it wouldn’t question to you know who.

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