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We are all aware about how the Independents went on a breakneck spending spree, in no time at all after being elected.

Especially In their foolhardy and very costly way, for this community at least, when they tried to resurrect the past, with the creation of the Lakeside Café Bar.

On looking through Hemsworth Town Council accounts, dating from May 2019 onwards, some very interesting and thought provoking entries come to light, regarding Hemsworth Town Council’s Assets and whose eyes were focussing in on them.

How many times have we heard that Kenyon, Eccles and co have not had their sights set on our precious assets?

But yet here, are some items that were purchased in the aftermath of the Independent cabal being elected:

22/05/19: Deeds for Newstead Allotments
03/09/19: Springfield allotments
19/08/20: Entry Club Terrace allotment site,*
30/03/21: Legal fees Newstead and Club Terrace Allotments.
15/02/21: Newstead Allotment plan view.
15/02/21: Newstead Allotment plan view. (not a typo it is listed twice)

Allotment holders will recall how Jim Kenyon repeatedly lied to them for years, about the previous council’s intention to sell allotments, particularly the Springfield site and despite repeated reassurances to the Allotment holders, his lies continued.

But yet what do we see here in black and white for all to see?

Within days of taking up office the Deeds for the Newstead allotments were sent for, followed just over 3 months later the Deeds for the Springfield Allotments and then the Newstead and Club Terrace Allotments.

That stab in the back to once loyal supporters must hurt very badly.

Then again they are not alone, what did Kenyon always pretend to be a champion off?

Yes that’s right football.

Ferret can recall how Kenyon and Womersley lied to our local teams to gain favour and support and held many meetings with them that even resulted in a mass march and delay after delay in them being able to use the new facilities that were even Sport England approved.

Once again, just look at the entries that were eagerly the subject of Kenyon and co’s prying eyes.

12/12/19: Plan Request Sandygate (Football ground)
12/12/19: Plan Request Cemetery road (Football ground)

Fortunately those grounds are safe from greedy eyes.

Once again a stab in the back for once loyal supporters, but Kenyon doesn’t give a damn, another day another dollar or not, as they say.

Users of our Community centre are also not safe from their prying and envious eyes:

26/06/19: Land Deeds community centre car park
27/06/19: Land Deeds community centre
27/06/19: Land Deeds community centre (not a typo it is listed three times)
27/06/19: Land Deeds community centre (not a typo it is listed three times)

Well Ferret does realise that before you can asset strip you have to know what your assets actually are but hold on, there are some unnamed entries:

04/09/19: Land registry (no further information)
28/10/19: Title plan view (no further information)
28/10/19: Title plan view (no further information) (not a typo it is listed twice)

Is this something so underhand that the details must be hidden from the community’s site?

There is also another aspect to the entry:

19/08/20: Entry Club Terrace allotment site

Ferret wonders why there would be any doubt about full highway access to the Cub Terrace site when it appears they have investigated it for themselves and Ferret, following investigations can now confirm  that Alan Draper was himself a councillor at Hemsworth, when following negotiations, full highway access into the site was obtained from Keepmoat the Developers of the adjacent site, some years ago.

Ferret once again, would hope that our “good” councillor accept that any planned sales of OUR assets must now cease, until such a time that a full and proper investigation is completed into the business dealings of the not so Independent Cabal.

Hemsworth Town Council: Kenyon – Just when was ‘The Master Plan’ put into operation?

By Ferret

3 thought on “Hemsworth Town Council: Kenyon – Just when was ‘The Master Plan’ put into operation?”
  1. Spend,spend,spend and and then try to sell,sell,sell the communities assets and let’s not forget the totally run down lakeside waterpark that could be a bargain rock down price for someone.Duplicate entries mass spending entries it’s been a honey pot for the last 4 years and what can we see for the hundreds of thousands or should that be millions of pounds spent and wasted absolutely NOTHING.Nothing but run down not finished botched workmanship repair after repair and a once beautiful waterpark now a decaying ,destroyed prison.All to have thousands of pounds spent again to repair the Independents damage what a service they have done for the community what a CV for their reign over the HTC let’s hope the good people of our community VOTE for the good councillors to sort the mess out.

  2. I agree with everything posted and with Julie, there is enough proven evidence of Kenyon’s lone interference in the land sale to initiate an enquiry and also the lack of plans and planning permission being obtained using their own access needs explaining to this community. We deserve better than this.

  3. Just to let people no false accounting is a serious offence which can carry a custodial sentence and anyone assisting would also be complicit ,with double invoicing if the recipient of any monies received wrongfully ie paid twice and ,keeping the money, is also breaking the law it’s called theft beware (forensic audit).
    If any Councillor has broken any council rules then this should be fully investigated internally and or by an outside authority if rules have been broken then the full weight of any proceedings should be followed even court proceedings.
    I don’t know but if a Councillor has been made bankrupt previously how can they be a Councillor( something about council rules circa 1960) is this true? , If true should any serving Councillor be removed from there position with immediate effect would a Councillor like to comment we know you look at comment’s posted.

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