Tue. May 28th, 2024

Ferret is delighted to be able to confirm the news, which Councillor Maxine Hird (Labour) shared via social media, following the Town Council Meeting last night:

“Ladies and gentleman the gate at the waterpark has been voted to be removed”

Ferret did wonder why Linda Pringle and Gordon Eccles had actually remembered they were Town Councillors and attended this meeting – were they expecting a vote to take place, by any chance?

Despite vociferous remonstrations from Jean Eccles and her husband Gordon, the self-proclaimed Lady and Lord of the Waterpark will no longer be able to restrict our access.

Ferret does hope that the gate which we paid for, is retained by the Town Council and repurposed for something more useful to our community – maybe the bonfire?

By Ferret

6 thought on ““Ecclesgate” TO BE REMOVED…”
  1. Was a change to see Councillor Pringle in attendance but then again there was a important vote to be had, must say though she clearly looked out of her comfort zone.
    Pity the chair wasn’t as quick with Mr Pringle with threatening to exclude him as she was last night with parishioners and councillors.

  2. Yes all the yes councillors were there with their raising hands ,the votes were needed but unfortunately for them the good councillors fought with passion,commitment and showed the community they are worthy of our votes and support.They should be applauded and especially Councillor Maxine Hird a true community councillor who puts the community first.The vote also went to hold meetings down stairs in the main hall where public safety was put first after events that occurred in the chambers on 19/12/22.
    The yes voting councillors were not enough to save the Independents and let’s hope this is the start to their demise and come May we the parishioners can have the final say who runs our HTC with our VOTES.

  3. When Cathy asked about Mr wibbeleys insurance and then the risk assessment , two part question the clerk said yes, was he saying yes to only the insurance or the risk assessment or was yes to both 🤔.

  4. Anonymous- what you find, you ask the question in a meeting get a part answer or sometimes even a made up answer that you then have to do a FOI to then have to raise in another meeting and even then you wonder if it’s all correct.

  5. Correct Cathy ,Mr Drapers reply’s to FOIs always require further FOIs questions and so on,truth is a very difficult answer to obtain,but the parishioners will prevail till truth is out and the Independent councillors are out.

  6. Would liked to have said something about Cathy’s other question, but as this is a police matter perhaps in the future,

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