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The F****** GATE, his words not Ferret’s, written by his own admission after “several drinks” in an outburst, reminiscent, other than the profanities, of a toddler not being allowed more sweets.

Councillor McGinnies has only been on Hemsworth Town Council a very short period of time yet he is already, his own words less the profanities again:

“Boy oh boy! Gate f******** gate! I’m sick fed up of hearing about this F******** gate!!!!

He’s sick of hearing it, but not as sick as the people who have campaigning for its removal for a very much longer time, years in fact.

He claims:


Well, all Ferret has to say is that you must have been listening with “deaf ears” as the silence from Hemsworth Town Council with the exception of one councillor, Maxine Hird has been deafening on this topic.

You say the following, with expletives deleted:

THE PROBLEM!! I may be speaking out of turn but Maxine along with others are doing our F******* utmost to do what you want. Please for F*** sake cut us some slack so we can work together to sort this s*** out. You have no idea what is happening behind the scenes!!

Well Councillor, as you have highlighted Maxine Hird, she has certainly been leading the way but as for your part there is no evidence at all to support your claims of working with her.

If failing to get this on an agenda is “doing your Utmost” then now try signing a letter for a special meeting to be called.

Ferret knows it may be difficult leaving out those “choice” words of yours but you may be able to accomplish it with a little effort and less drink.

The silence has been golden, on an issue that has at this time, little monetary value but is of the utmost importance to the community for reasons you seem oblivious to.

So for the benefit of Councillor McGinnies here is why the gate is so important:

The Eccles have coveted the Waterpark for at least 10 years with Gordon Eccles openly saying he wants ownership of it.

This Cabal council started a campaign to achieve that goal without it costing him a penny.

First a gate was erected adjacent to the Eccles’s home and surprise surprise, they were made the Key holders.

Ferret believes that it was done on the pretext of security.

Well that was successful wasn’t it?

Then the great “cunning master plan” surfaced to give it away, The Womersley Trust allegedly to protect it.

It actually would have meant that the “trustees” could dispose of it as they wished.

Protect it from what? Ferret asked.

They only threat to the Waterpark since its creation had been from the Eccles! who now had and still have control of the main access gate.

Ferret will give you something to consider, although the Waterpark and the gate are not of the same importance in world events, the symbolism is exactly the same.

When the corrupt Soviet Union fell in 1989, what is the most broadcast and remembered event from those days?

Was it the freedom of all those satellite countries they had taken over and the millions of people they had controlled against their wishes? or was it, for comparison:

One small wall, in one small city that made the Headlines:

Berlin and the Berlin wall being dismantled.

The Ecclesgate is this township’s Berlin Wall, preventing access by this community to a park they own and whose upkeep they pay for.

It stands as a symbol of everything that the cabal stand for, deceit, secrecy and self serving, everything that decent and honest folk despise.

Ian McGinnies:  The F****** GATE : Ignorance or Diversion from an agenda denying freedom of speech.

or Both?

You Decide…

By Ferret

3 thought on “Councillor Ian McGinnies:  The F****** GATE : Ignorance or Diversion…”
  1. Roll on May,hopefully a new run HTC with new community councillors all working together,supporting each other to undo 4 dreadful ,disastrous years that the Independents have caused.
    Roll on May when the parishioners can also work together and VOTE for what this community desperately needs councillors that care,councillors that put the community and its needs first and we can all be apart of what is ours ,votes for honesty,Integrity and Transparency will give the community back to the people .Vote Wisely .

  2. Don’t after wait for May, councillors can vote Now to stop spending , support each other and do what’s right.

  3. It’s taken a long time to get this close to a vote to get rid of that dreadful gate.
    With a bit of luck we’ll get rid of those awful councillors in May and even that town clerk before then.
    I agree they should stop all non essential spending until the time they are gone. We’ve had enough of our money going to their friends and relatives. I hope to god that they don’t sell that land because Kenyon will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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