Thu. May 30th, 2024

Ferret thought, in good old “Blue Peter” style, it was important to have a total running cost of your money that Independent Hemsworth Town Council, formerly led by Mr Jim Kenyon and now by multi-millionaire Jean Eccles, has wasted, lost out on due to their incompetence or in the case of their promised Precept reduction failed to provide since May 2019.

Ferret will update this as new information is uncovered.

The total currently stands at: £3,427,400.96

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin £3,427,401 towards the £4,000,000 target.£3,427,401Raised £3,427,401 towards the £4,000,000 target.

By Ferret

3 thought on “Eccles Money Wasted O’Meter…”
  1. I am sure that there will be a lot to update Ferret ,the true wasted expenditure will be uncovered and released to the community.Only time will tell just how bad things really are and it will take the good community councillors to work together to undo all the financial mess 4 years of the Independants have caused.First we will have to endure their glorified ,self believing glossed up campaign leaflets all spouting their major triumphs their major achievements which is zero so it should be as big as a postage stamp and dumped out with the rubbish and hopefully they will be dumped and VOTED out.

  2. Almost certainly Bankrupt ,the budget for 23/24 already a disaster after hearing the figures at the last financial meeting.Money pot empty,Reserves a disaster and still the Independants think they can spend,spend spend till the pot is gone .Now wanting £104.000 new boiler/heating,£54.000 new paths don’t forget the pedalos and oh dear put the communities precept up to pay for it all doing before the the Independant councillors want to sell the lot to themselves at a rock bottom price.Bankrupt that could take years for our community to recover and let’s hope the recovery can begin in May when our VOTES will Bankrupt the lot out.

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