Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Ferret thought that as we have a new and entitled Chair of Hemsworth Town Council and as Christmas is coming, it would be appropriate to give a brief résumé  of just a few of the highlights or lowlights of their time in public office in line with the Ferret tradition. These are anything but fully inclusive or exhaustive.

On the sixth day of Eccles’Mess...

Anyone want a “public private driveway road” ?

Well we all knew about the gate but then those illegal threatening signs of wheel clamping appeared to scare aware the legitimate users of the road the Eccles apparently believe is for their own personal use.

Who can possibly forget those reports of those parties or gatherings hosted by the Eccles for a select few during lockdown or the massive financial losses they claimed were due to the covid outbreak?

How poor those memories are and how quickly they had forgotten those dubious furlough payments they had claimed as well as the precept income, which had in fact made the council financially better off, on paper anyway.

By Ferret

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