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Balances from 2018 to 2022

Ferret was expecting, given the way the item was described, a comparison of how Hemsworth Town Council balances have fared since 2018 to date.

Disgraced, former Chair of the cabal led Independent Hemsworth Town Council, Jim Kenyon took the lead on this item and as such what Ferret expected Ferret didn’t get.

Kenyon must have realised a comparison of how the Town Council reserves have diminished since 2018 would not go down very well at all and considering the amount of remedial work still requiring costing and doing would reveal even further the financial mismanagement.

Someone really needs to try to educate little Jimmy that balances are not precept income, but then again he ought to get his teaching certificate out of the loft, dust off his cap and gown and try to do it himself.

Never lost for words Kenyon, as usual tried to rewrite history and gave examples of how the cabal had actually made the same precept income go even further year on year.

He gave examples of how they had excelled, despite the lockdown but unfortunately people have not forgotten the council actually benefitted from the government grants made available and although the precept hadn’t risen to individual households because the number of houses had increased, the amount of precept money raised by the council had!

One other point that was not pick up on by the meeting was:

Wasn’t this community pledged a £200,000 precept reduction from year one by the self professed teacher Jim Kenyon and his Independent Colleagues?

He never has been very good with his sums…

Hemsworth Town Council Meeting Part 3: Diversion Distraction Desperation, Lies and Attempted Electioneering…

By Ferret

One thought on “<strong>Hemsworth Town Council Meeting Part 3: Diversion Distraction Desperation, Lies and Attempted Electioneering…</strong>”
  1. Tick Tock let’s hope their time clock is running out and running out of the HTC.Time and time again the lies just flood out,the figures and numbers belted out at the meetings just never add up and the people who attend the meetings are very intelligent parishioners and know they don’t add up or balance the books so they need to change their self glorified record and get in the real world where the true financial mess the Independant run council as caused and now it’s the community that will pay a heavy price to clear their mess up.Hopefully the good councillors with the communities support can put our community back as it should be a community we can be proud off and it’s our VOTES alone that can do this.

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