Tue. May 28th, 2024

24 AUDIT REPORT: To receive the audit report from KL King Chartered Accountants.

The long awaited non forensic audit is apparently now completed and has been delivered to the council and the report has been circulated to the councillors.

It will be published in the next few days.

Little more was said.

Hopefully this will be more interesting to read than the comments made on the night.

Ferret hopes it will have done what the Council wanted from a Forensic audit and not been money wasted on Draper and Kenyon’s preference.

Ferret, like many others looks forward to reading this and expects it will be made available on the Council website in full and is unredacted.

ABUSE, INTIMIDATION, RUDENESS POLICY: To consider a recommendation from the Policy and Planning Committee to amend the ‘Abuse, intimidation or rudeness’ policy so that such matters are dealt with by a standing panel of councillors (with reserves).

There have been many complaints made how Hemsworth Town Council handles its own abuse, intimidation, rudeness policy, ironic really considering its remit.

However, given that it is or was under the jurisdiction of the Chair of the Council and that was Jim Kenyon and now Jean Eccles it was always probably doomed to failure.

These two people alone and their colleagues have been the recipient of complaints made about their behaviour numerous times.

They both have failed to deal adequately or in a timely manner complaints received by the council and given to them to expedite.

Jean Eccles has been under pressure for failing to deal with issues since becoming Chair only in May and it could well be that she “jumps ship” to avoid even having to deal with the outstanding items.

Ferret used the word items but it must be remembered we are talking about people, real people who believe they have been so offended that they need to seek recourse and justice from the abuse, intimidation, rudeness policy.

The setting up of a panel to undertake these duties has now been agreed, but Ferret wonders if it will ever see the light of day before May?

Wouldn’t that be convenient, for some people at least.

COUNCILLORS’ CONDUCT: To consider councillors’ conduct.

This item was moved into exclusion on the night. Jim Kenyon was at the bottle that loosens his tongue once again and was not happy as he talked about this exclusion item in public, regardless of who could be listening.

Apparently the item had been put on to take action against a councillor (Maxine Hird) for allegedly naming a member of staff on social media.

Turns out the person allegedly named was not even a member of staff.

Ferret expects, Jean Eccles and others were not happy with its outcome or the egg on their faces.

Hemsworth Town Council Meeting Part 4: Diversion Distraction Desperation and Deceit or just Plain Stupid…

It just goes on and on…

By Ferret

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