Tue. May 28th, 2024

Don’t worry, it’s not someone being made unemployed at this critical time but rather an employee having their workload made easier.

Apparently the manager of everything at Hemsworth Town Council has had her already reduced workload made even smaller.

The Hemsworth Town Council Facebook page has been taken from her control.

Not before time a lot of you will be thinking but the good news doesn’t end there, she is also going to have to face up to the loss of the Lakeside facebook page too which is going to be combined into the Town Council page.

Ferret understands that the hurt to her ego is immense and perhaps we should all feel sorry for her but then again isn’t this long overdue?

Ferret would hope that her pay scale is being reviewed to account for this reduction and she could use the time she will now have “spare” to do something useful for this community, sweeping up perhaps or packing up may be the better option.

Hemsworth Town Council: Another Job Reduction.

Do the cuts actually go far enough?

By Ferret

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