Thu. May 30th, 2024

Ferret has reported previously about the standard of maintenance and the deterioration of the condition of the facilities under the care of Hemsworth Town Council since Kenyon’s Independents took control in May 2019.

Following the initial burst of flowers at the Waterpark everything has gone downhill since, everything except perhaps the 4 bedroom flat in the lakeside.

The deterioration is clear for all to see and we have heard about the decimation of the fishing stocks in both lakes at Hemsworth Waterpark also.

As we now know all too well, the remedial work is going to be very costly judging by the repair work to the footpaths having to be out sourced to private firms, assumingly the expertise to repair even these is no longer available in house.

Ferret was surprised to learn that all, with the exception of one, of the grounds maintenance staff employed by Hemsworth Town Council prior to May 2019, including the Service Provision Manager, have actually left.

This is a very large turnover of staff by any measurement for any small employer.

Of course it is not only the staff that leave, as when they go their expertise and talents go with them.
Talents that had been visibly put to use and where there for all to see.

Some may say “a new broom sweeps clean” and they have brought in fresh and better staff, unfortunately the end results do not support this.

The appointment of the new “General Manager” apparently to remedy the situation but again no improvement and continued deterioration.

Complaints have been made in abundance by members of the public and Ferret wonders just what it was and is like for staff to work under the leadership of this person and this council.

Problems also arose when the ex Chair of the Council, Kenyon, against all the rules, ordered staff from job to job, leading to unfinished appalling work, time and time again and the resulting loss of staff morale.

If anyone doubts the capabilities of the previous staff, you only have to look at who the Council brought back in to carry out the essential repairs needed to avoid the bad publicity of even more facilities being out of service and unable for our community’s use.

It was to employ the previous Service provision manager who had also left.

Unfortunately for us, he only agreed to return on a short term basis and as a contractor with specific instructions.

There is obviously a lot more to this story than is in the public domain and perhaps someone may come forward and explain to us exactly what has driven the staff away to seek alternative employment.

Hemsworth Town Council: Kenyon and The cabal, The Great Staffing Maestros?
Ferret believes it’s time to hear the full story.

By Ferret

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