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Ferret readers will recall, that a resident had to personally go to Hemsworth Town Council to get 60 leaflets and she distributed them to her neighbourhood but got no answers as to why they hadn’t or weren’t being delivered.

She pursued the questioning at the town council’s public question time, simply asking the chair Jean Eccles, why when Hemsworth Town Council have paid for delivery, have they not been delivered to households and who have they actually paid?

Draper’s response was– If they have not been delivered I’ll look into it. Don’t know the company of the top my head but they cost £400.

Draper was further questioned how he could not possibly remember who the company was but he could remember the cost £400.

As reported his skin tone changed from normal to flushed, to glowing like a beacon the more the questioning progressed.

However further investigation revealed that the cost of £400 was incorrect and the mention of 12000 leaflets also throws doubt once again on this escapade at Hemsworth Town Council.

The latest price revealed for the cost of delivering the leaflets has now risen to over £500.

Now Ferret believes the delivery of 12000 leaflets for £500 is an actual bargain especially if they had been delivered but a scandal once again, if they hadn’t as was the case.

Hold on though, 12000 leaflets when there are less than 7000 households in this community, what is going on here?

How many were actually printed compared to what the invoice says there were, would seem to be a fair question given the number of discrepancies in this sorry saga?

The firm was later named as  but looking at their website revealed no useful information.

However this is where the tale takes a strange twist, further investigation revealed that the contact phone number is also shared by another company:

T: 07754004026

Now Ferret accepts this may be just another co-incidence to add to the many others that seem to plague Hemsworth town Council but who is the one councillor who has contacts with show business people, much to the detrimental cost of this community?

Yes that’s right, disgraced former chair of the council Jim Kenyon.

Perhaps he would like to make a statement about this issue? But then again that would be a waste of time as he is he proven liar.
Maybe this is another issue that should be investigated by our non-forensic auditor?

Hemsworth Town Council: Leaflet delivery-The Plot Thickens…

By Ferret

2 thought on “Hemsworth Town Council: Leaflet delivery – The Plot Thickens…”
  1. All in all is our community surprised that some how councillor Kenyon could be involved in another disastrous waste of community money I think not ,it appears to be the norm for money to be wasted by this Independant council and again the community pay the price.They now inform us that a new Newsletter will be printed and delivered never mind the £553 that was paid to Top Drop UK for the non delivery of our Autumn newsletter and the said company cannot be contacted as loads of calls unanswered and no emails responded to so not to worry the HTC will just print thousands more at our cost again,it will be interesting to see who deliveries them hopefully before May 2023 a very important month for this community who will have the final say on who the councillors should be running HTC.Hope when their campaign leaflets start appearing they have paid a good company to delivery them direct to our door or should that be throw them in the gardens.We must use our votes to bring in the changes and get back to being a community who as confidence in our council .

  2. Think it’s about time this community gets together to have our own leaflets made up printed and delivered to make sure the uniformed are well informed before the may elections or we should all bow our heads in shame letting this disgraceful lot carry on in the same ilk

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