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Have Alan Draper and his beloved Cabal colleagues sunk to a new low?

It looks like the recent video of the Town Council meeting appears to have been selectively edited.

Why would he do this you may wonder?

Well it is common practice in countries like Russia, China, North Korea etc. where they only want their populations to hear the thoughts of their leadership or the world as their political controllers want it to be seen but here in a small township like Hemsworth, Kinsley and Fitzwilliam just what is it they don’t want you to see and hear?

Not surprisingly it is the report given by Draper to the councillors where he informed them that the former disgraced chair and proven liar, Jim Kenyon had sought legal advice on behalf of Hemsworth Town Council from his favourite legal advisers, Richard Buxton.

This missing video footage was the report back to the public, from the item on the agenda that had been promised, promised when it was asked why the item was being discussed in exclusion in the first place. Ferret believes this is once again totally unacceptable behaviour by any standards in a supposedly democratic society where our elected officials and employees are supposed to be answerable to the electorate.

The only possible reason it was held in exclusion was to try to hide the loss of the section 106 sports money of £350000 and the loss of the affordable housing of £400000 for as long as possible.

Ferret believes the losses should be fairly and squarely attributed to Kenyon, Womersley and the rest of the cabal councillors as a major cause for the disruption caused over many years.

To make matters worse, Kenyon then engaged Richard Buxton for legal advice without any authority to do so, to try to find a way out of the huge financial dilemma.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth are very famous words that must be known to everyone in this country but they that have been sadly lacking from the leadership and officials at Hemsworth Town Council since May 2019.

They have been caught out so often, on so many issues over the last three and a half years.

The list is as endless as are their lies.

We have seen minutes of meetings and agendas that have been vaguely worded and sometimes the recorded decisions have been different from those actually taken but blatant censorship such as this would appear to be yet another attempt to withhold the real truth of what had actually happened from the wider general public.

Ferret would ask for another item to be placed on the next meeting, that is to reclaim the unauthorised spending of that money from Kenyon, for the legal advice and that item should not be held in exclusion.

Alan Draper, Hemsworth Town Council Town Council Town Clerk: Where Is That Missing Video Footage?

By Ferret

3 thought on “Alan Draper, Hemsworth Town Council: Where Is That Missing Video Footage?”
  1. It appears it’s not only video evidence that disappears from Mr Alan Drapers Town Clerks office,maybe other important evidence is disappearing or being shared I am sure the general public and good people of our community wait with anticipation for the TRUTH to present itself but it could be along wait .Maybe whilst our community becomes poorer we can find comfort that due to all councillor Kenyon’s personal legal fees and costs we are making a rich man of his personal solicitor/barrister friend Richard Buxton.It’s time the good hard working councillors with the full community’s support put an end to all the Independants underhand dealings at HTC and remember it’s our hard working decent community people that will and can put an end to it come VOTING.

  2. No wonder he can afford a Spring water company…. As we are pumping it full of precept money!

  3. Can we not ask WMDC to either sit in on public meetings or scrutinise the councillor’s conduct at the meeting’s/ conduct in public office /are correct procedures been followed and nothing is been done underhand by all parties , this way at least the general public would be put ease.

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