Mon. May 20th, 2024

Just when Ferret thought Hemsworth had finally seen the back of Jim Kenyon’s favourite solicitors, another entry has appeared in the accounts for May 2022 of £1287.84.

Readers may remember that “Richard Buxton” is the firm of solicitors which you have paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to since May 2019, when Independent Hemsworth Town Council appointed them as their preferred solicitors.

Jim Kenyon had previously used them for his numerous failed personal attempts to thwart the sale of the former sports complex site on Kirkby Road in Hemsworth to Saul Construction.

As Independent Hemsworth Town Council is deliberately very vague in their descriptions of costs in the published accounts, maybe Mr Alan Draper could clarify exactly what this payment is for?

Ferret won’t be holding my breath…

By Ferret

One thought on “More legal fees paid to “Richard Buxton”…”
  1. On the agenda for an upcoming meeting is item 15..” to consider a possible legal issue with the development of the kirkby road site”! With the fees already paid to Richard Buxton, it sounds like its already been considered and decided even before the meeting! This all sounds too familiar!…what jimmy wants…jimmy gets, just like the plant machinery! So the fight for Kirkby road is still ongoing, once again, happy to spend our money on his blinkered obsession with making problems for Saul. Are all the councillors happy with this or just the cosy cabal cronies!

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