Tue. May 28th, 2024

When looking through the May 2022 accounts for Independent Hemsworth Town Council, Ferret was intrigued to see that they have purchased further Gazebos, this time from “Wayfair”.

What Ferret can’t understand is why Independent Hemsworth Town Council couldn’t utilise the one they had already purchased for over £7199.99, from Gala Tents without spending even more of our money.

Then Ferret thought, maybe it’s still missing…

By Ferret

2 thought on “Just how many tents could one Town Council need….”
  1. Is this wayfair.co.uk. if so, is this really the best place for a council to buy from?
    Can’t post a picture on here but they have one at that price.
    Makes you wonder if they were really for council use???

  2. Hopefully they will be able to give answers at the Financial meeting on Wednesday 27/9/22 or maybe it will get a quick move on,residents of this community really need to attend the HTC meetings and voice their concerns voice their questions we are paying for all these unneccessary purchases,challenging the expenditure and querying their spending is the only way to go and let’s hope the Auditors are going to be challenging and questioning the financial accounts that we are reading.As a community we need and deserve answers ,we are all facing difficult times and knowing that HTC Independant councillors are wasting the community’s money it’s time the community stood together and questioned their spending ,use voices in meetings and use votes very wisely .

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