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Readers who have been following Ferret’s posts may recall the reporting of meetings that had taken place between certain councillors and Gleeson Homes, with regard to the sale of the land of the former allotment site Club Terrace at Fitzwilliam, that is accessed via Duke street.

Hemsworth Town Council were asked by a resident, through the Freedom of Information Act, to disclose details of these meetings but refused to do so citing:

The remaining information/documents you requested, such as correspondence and the valuation reports have been withheld using two exemptions:

  • Section 42(1) of the Freedom of Information Act; disclosure of the information is in respect of a claim to legal professional privilege, i.e. the (confidential) professional/legal advice the council has received.
  • Section 43(2) of the Freedom of Information Act; disclosure would, or would be likely to, prejudice the commercial interests of the council, i.e. the disposal of the land at Club Terrace is still ongoing so disclosure of the remaining information would, or would be likely to, prejudice the sale of the land. Also, in due course when the matter has concluded, this exemption would no longer apply so you would be more than welcome to submit another request then.

Ferret can now confirm that one of the emails that wasn’t released has found its way to Ferret’s lair and it doesn’t appear to contain any information that should have been withheld but it does contain some very disturbing and unacceptable contents about the actions and duplicity of this council and clerk.

Here is the email in full, which was sent directly to none other than Jim Kenyon from Gleeson Homes.

From: J K <>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2019, 10:34
Subject: Fw: Land at Fitzwilliam
To: Hemsworth Town Council <>

From: Brian Reynolds <>
Sent: 29 August 2019 10:17:57
To: J K <>
Subject: Land at Fitzwilliam

Morning Councillor,

I can confirm that I have now completed my appraisal of your sites (Duke Street (club Terrace) and Newstead View), and I have an appointment with the CEO to discuss the offer on Monday next week.

I will be looking to offer for the large site on its own and for the 2 sites as a pair. We cannot offer for the small site in isolation as it will not work for us.

With respect to the smaller site, there are clearly parking issues on there, and I would be looking to offer subject to receipt of vacant possession (ie no parking on the site). I have made allowance for a dozen+ parking spaces for the existing residents to facilitate the planning, but we will need vacant possession to develop the site out. with respect to the process of selling Town Council land, could you let me know how you need to proceed, and whether you need any approvals other than a Committee resolution to sell?

I will be in touch hopefully Tuesday with an offer for the land.

Kind regards


Brian Reynolds


Senior Land Manager

Gleeson (West Yorkshire): First Floor, Unit 1 | Silkwood Park, | Fryers Way | OSSETT|Wakefield|WF5 9TJ

Phone +44 (0)1924 679873

Mobile 07973 884 527

Fax 01924 276039


As you can see from the header, it was initially sent to the former, now disgraced chair of the council, Jim Kenyon, who then forwarded it on to the clerk to the council, Alan Draper.

There is so much wrong in both the email and the actions before and after it was received.

Ferret believes this email does not meet with the refusal to disclose under F.O.I used by Alan Draper.

  • This email is dated 29/08/2019 only 3 months after the May elections.
  • The clerk, Alan Draper did not disclose this email through freedom of information.
  • The developer is apparently dealing directly with Jim Kenyon.
  • An offer was to be made the following Tuesday.
  • No proper procedures appear to have been followed at all.
  • The sham pledge of openness and transparency by this council to this community, shattered, smashed within days of taking up office.
  • The office and role of the Town Clerk already subverted with his principles left at the door again.

Residents at Newstead were kept totally in the dark about this subterfuge, even when meetings were being held by Ian Womersley with them.

All the community were denied any voice or say from 2019 until 2022 regarding the sale of both the land sites.

Almost 3 years of lies and deceit by this town council and its town clerk and misnamed “proper officer” Alan Draper.

Ferret understands that all of these underhanded discussions took place in the Committee Meetings, which Independent Hemsworth Town Council led by Jim Kenyon excluded every other Councillor from, other than his own Independent “Cabal”.

This is probably only one of many, covering many areas of concern that this cabal led council have been and are involved in.

Ferret believes the delete buttons and shredders have been and will be busy.

Time for all the cabal councillors to RESIGN...

By Ferret

One thought on “Independent Hemsworth Town council: Secret Meetings With Land Developers…”
  1. So, let’s get straight to the point. Is Ferret saying that Councillor Kenyon in tandem with our Town Clerk was misusing office to conduct business for his or someone else’s profiting? Or is Ferret saying that the Councillor and the clerk made enquiries on behalf of the council without agreement or knowledge of other councillors?

    Well people, I will let you decide on that one. Personally, I know what I think. I do remember something about a certain PMs partner using official letter headed Number 10 paper to further his own interest. Mmmn… Not a good look!

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