Tue. May 28th, 2024

Readers have commented to Ferret on the condition of the Sandygate Football Facility and how it has deteriorated since Mr Jim Kenyon took up office in May 2019.

The site comprises of modern changing facilities for teams and match officials with showers and also disability facilities. There is a storage area and social room facilities. Outside there are both adult and junior football pitches and a separate floodlight 3G Astro Turf area.

The comments are damming for the Independent Led Hemsworth Town Council, here are some of them:

  • Astro turf a mess, needs doing.
  • Toilet always shut on match days and training days.
  • muck pile up in car park, been there a while now.

Ferret was concerned and surprised by these remarks as from its opening, to ensure this once first class facility was kept in good condition, a “sink fund” was established with sufficient funding levels to enable maintenance to an acceptable condition, that the people of this township had come to expect and deserve.

The fund level used to be £50000, always ready and available to repair and maintain the very expensive investment this Township had made and looked after for all the years, prior to Kenyon’s arrival in office.

Ferret is aware that the money was removed from the sink fund and obviously spent elsewhere on Kenyon’s ill-fated projects.

Ferret is also aware of Kenyon’s claims to love football, yet he has allowed this deterioration to happen and left the ground unmanned, exposed to vandalism, without access to toilet facilities and any necessary maintenance not being done, due to funds being moved and wasted elsewhere. Another example of Kenyon saying one thing and doing another.

Ferret is also aware of Kenyon’s claims of record “income”  so what about replacing the money diverted from the sports facilities now that you are “rolling in it” as you would want us to believe?

Then again we all know, except Kenyon, that income is not profit and as the overall precept levied on this community has not reduced as he promised but actually gone up, there is little chance that the money moved from Sandygate and other areas will be returned to allow essential maintenance and staffing levels to go back to what was once normal good practice…

By Ferret

One thought on “Sandygate Lane Sports Facility…”
  1. Let’s face it the man’s a complete waste of space, self serving with only him and sycophants seeing any benefits. People are aware now just how much wrong and damage has been inflicted on our 3 villages by these people.

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