Wed. May 22nd, 2024

A Parish Meeting has been arranged for TUESDAY 12 APRIL 2022 at 7PM at The Community Centre on Bullenshaw Road in Hemsworth.

There are four items on the agenda:

  1. Wakefield Council’s local plan 2036: Explanations of actions taken or not taken by Hemsworth Town Council since May 2019 relating to LP21, as raised by members of the public.
  2. Explanation of Financial Dealings of Hemsworth Town Council since May 2019, as raised by members of the public.
  3. Any other issue raised by the members of the public relating to this Council from May 2019.
  4. A vote of no confidence in the Chair of Hemsworth Town Council, Councillor Jim Kenyon.

Ferret can confirm that item number 4 on the agenda will be a public vote taken and recorded at the meeting.

On behalf of the residents of the Woodlands estate, Ferret would like to thank Labour Councillor Maxine Hird for her continued support in this matter.

Please attend this meeting if you are able to do so.

By Ferret

2 thought on “Parish Meeting…”
  1. we all know that if the vote goes against joke he will still not resign from the council.

  2. Clearly from events the tenure of the governance of the parish by the independent party, and let’s call them that they were a party not a group of individuals, it has been one of catastrophic failure on a grand scale. In reality a dictatorship of a very small clique of Individuals ruling over their feeble subordinates who initially acquiesced to the agendas of certain Individuals rather than pursue collective democracy. Huge amounts of money fritted away on unecessary legal lunacy on cases that never had a cat in hell’s chance of succeeding and all for personal agendas and has some say personal vendetta. It never should have come this far. Due diligence and a clear lack of attention to proceedings and procedure all of which have sadly had a undesirable effect on the lives of certain residents within the parish regarding possible housing developments and all because said individuals were preoccupied to the point of delusion with a bloody old quarry.

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