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As per the recent post on Ferret, a retrospective planning application for the storage/ farm building has been received by Wakefield Council.

This has been submitted by Mr Sam Ruthven, of Johnson Mowat Planning & Development Consultants Coronet House Queen Street Leeds LS1 2TW who have been employed by Independent Hemsworth Town Council to make the application on their behalf.

This is the building which Mr Jim Kenyon – Chair, Independent Hemsworth Town Council assured his fellow Councillors did not need planning permission prior to him procuring it and erecting it at the Waterpark.

For those of you who have not seen this building, please take a look at the plans which have been submitted:

This building has not only been erected on green belt land, it is also absolutely massive.

Ferret believes this building should never have been erected at our beautiful Waterpark and hopes that Wakefield Council agrees when the retrospective application is processed.

Members of the public can make representation to the application on the Wakefield Council website.

Ferret believes the application should be rejected for all of the reasons provided on the website:

  • Amenity loss due to increase in activity
  • Loss of amenity due to noise
  • Loss of light
  • Proposal conflicts with Green Belt
  • Would create an undesirable precedent.

For those readers of Ferret who would like to leave a comment on the application here is the link:

By Ferret

5 thought on “Storage / Farm Building – Retrospective Planning Application”
  1. Kenyons a total idiot and anyone who even listens to him anymore is even thicker, nothing but a selfish arrogant waste of space with no thoughts of anyone but himself.

  2. I’m sure someone in a meeting last May said that a building had to be dismantled before this current “storage unit” could be erected – is this correct? Does anyone have any photos of the site before this unit was built?
    Also, there’s a “ditch” marked on the application plans but a denial of any type of beck being close by. Did this ditch used to hold water, running or otherwise?
    These could be important points, or not. I’m no expert, just trying to understand what planning officers would be interested in.

  3. There is a beck alongside and it is still running and I’ve seen it being cleared over the years. To the best of my knowledge there was a plastic poly tunnel there previously that’s all.

  4. Linda you can view the council meeting where the building was discussed in great detail on HTC Facebook page under videos dated 5th August 2020 approx 58 mins in. Hope the helps with the questions you’ve raised.

  5. Thanks Iain, I’ve just been down there and there’s definitely running water in the (“ditch”) BECK, and I managed to take a lovely photo of the sun shimmering on the rippling water, and the water outlets feeding into it, and the bridge over it. All good evidence which will demonstrate that the Planning Application is incorrect. HTC can’t blame the agent (although they probably will try) because they are still responsible for all his actions. So, if the application fails because the agent has been negligent, Cllr Kenyon will no doubt be rolling out the lawyers again!!

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