Tue. May 28th, 2024

Ferret has been made aware that Independent Hemsworth Town Council have employed a “Planning Expert” to try and fight the enforcement action which has been taken by Wakefield Council against them.

Readers may recall this relates to a “storage unit” / “farm building” which other Councillors were assured by Mr Jim Kenyon did NOT require planning permission.

Ferret fails to understand why Mr Jim Kenyon can just not accept he is wrong (again) and comply with the notice which has been issued.

Is Mr Kenyon worried about what will be found underneath the storage unit once it has been demolished?

Could it possibly be hiding the “asbestos” which miraculously disappeared from various other sites owned by Independent Hemsworth Town Council?

Ferret has to wonder why Independent Hemsworth Town Council needed to employ another expert, when Mr Jim Kenyon seems to have a certificate for everything else in his loft…

By Ferret

3 thought on “Planning expert…”
  1. For those asking which asbestos “specialist” was used…this is the address on the sketchy report that was done on the asbestos that they could not find in the six inch deep hole dug in undisturbed ground in a clearing amongst trees at
    the waterpark !!!
    UNIT 15
    NG17 7LE
    01623 272 611

  2. Wonder if someone can help me on this.
    In the town council meeting held on 2 December 2021 item 326 planning at Hemsworth water park to appoint a planning consultant. If you watch the video it would appear that the planning consultant already approved, because both the chair & town clerk only spoke about the reinstatement of the path. So when was it agreed to engage the services of the planning consultant.
    Or again is this something agreed behind closed doors ?

  3. they make the rules up as they go….same as easter thing they advertising didnt see that being consulted in meetings ..but has been brought to their attention anybody or anything reguarding children or vunerable staff need crb checking …they refused to do this i believe

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