Thu. May 30th, 2024

Here is the footage of the meeting at which the future of the Vengaboys Concert was voted on.

Ferret can once again confirm that NINE of our Councillors had the best interests of the good people of Hemsworth, Kinsley and Fitzwilliam in their hearts when they voted to CANCEL the concert.

The vote can be viewed at around 50 minutes.

Ticket sales were still very poor with only around 300 sold, yet it was clear that Mr Jim Kenyon – Chair, STILL wanted to push ahead with the event which has already cost us £20000 and would have potentially cost us as a Community thousands and thousands of pounds more.

Ferret can confirm that:

  • Jim Kenyon
  • Gordon Eccles
  • Jean Eccles
  • Stan Wilson
  • Graham Hirst
  • Linda Pringle

all ABSTAINED from voting, thus hiding the fact they wanted to carry on with the Vengaboy’s concert.

There may be no “official” record of this, however the members of our Township are fully aware of their continued support of Mr Jim Kenyon.

Time for ALL six of you to hold your heads in shame and RESIGN.

By Ferret

3 thought on “Hemsworth Town Council Meeting – 28 February 2022…”
  1. There’s no shame in any of these. Not worth spitting on even

  2. they only abstained so that when it comes to the crunch they can turn around and say well i didnt vote in favour of it. shame on you if you believed it should have gone ahead then say so and dont be absolute cowards.

  3. I think that it’s important to bear in mind that there isn’t anything other than genuine concern about wasting more money at the heart of the movement against the Venga Concert. That it wouldn’t be a waste of money even if it ran at a loss, if the community had benefited. But, even hard pressed precept payers were being expected to pay for access to an event that they never asked for in their own Park. Whilst ticket buyers living out of the area had been promised a free meal – as an inducement not to seek a refund for tickets sold when the event had to be postponed previously.

    The precept payers have every right to expect some sort of celebration to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. I hope that the Councillors who supported the Venga debacle can set aside any differences that they might have, so that they can now work with other councillors to put on some sort of event. But, crucially it is important to work with the Community, and to reflect its cultural and historical identity as well as promoting the interests of young people from Hemsworth, Kingsley and Fitzwilliam.

    There’s still time to put on something spectacular, but at no extra costs to precept payers. After all, according to Ferret we have seen a lot of money wasted by this Council, supposedly acting in our name fighting legal battles, buying equipment, putting up fences, redecorating property, and looking for evidence of misappropriation of funds by past Council. So, if the current Council can stand these losses, I’m sure it can justify giving the Community something to feel good about and to come together in these troubled times.

    I did hear a gentleman speak at the meeting, to say that the Venga Boys would be the best thing to happen for the area. I bet he couldn’t tell you any of the band members names, or list their hit records. Not that they’ve had too many. Now, I’m not wanting to criticise him or anyone else as we all have a right to our views. But, I’m sure that there must have been so many other things that have happened in the throughout the Queen’s reign that brought a smile to peoples faces. Do we really need to bring in a Dutch Eurodance group at a cost of £20000 to show us how to have a knees up in the Park?

    I’m sure that our councillors- working together with members of the community- can do a great job. I am confident that at least one of them has already started on this.

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