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They may be going to Ibiza but with no more of our money!

The Once “Almighty Kenyon” is Falling

Ferret can confirm that despite the best efforts of Mr Jim Kenyon and latterly Mrs Jean Eccles, NINE of our Councillors voted to CANCEL the Vengaboys concert.

Ferret believes we have just witnessed another landmark event and blow to the once all powerful dictatorship of chairman Kenyon and the control he demonstrated over the rest of the Councillors on Hemsworth, Fitzwilliam and Kinsley Town Council.

Enough Town Councillors stood and voted together to rid this Township of another of Kenyon’s costly, hair brained and headed for failure schemes.

A scheme that would have seen Marching Bands, Artistes playing and parades, all not to honour Her Majesty the Queen or to provide entertainment for the majority of our township but to pay tribute to and in honour of The Master of lies, deceit and delusion Jim Kenyon.

Not only that, we as a community would have had to pay dearly for the privilege. He would have been seated on high, on a throne of honour for all of us to see and worship, the man who can never be wrong, who has a lie for all seasons and occasions, who can produce a “qualification” for whatever and whenever it’s needed, who can readily abuse the less abled, who can spend, spend, spend our money without thought or remorse, employ friends and relatives and ensure our money is spent on Councillors as gifts renovating their properties.

His out of control narcissism and megalomania, has seen hundreds of thousands of pounds of our money wasted, misused or lied about.

Money that will be vitally needed now in the current economic climate and could have and should have been utilised for the betterment of this community has gone. It has been squandered on loss making sixties pubs, expensive legal litigation, unwanted expensive purchases of equipment or used just to try to validate the lies he has told himself and this community.

Money wasted once again on, plans that were for the glorification of Kenyon and never really intended for the benefit of this community.

Praise and thanks are deserved and must go to the following Councillors for perseverance under extreme duress:

  • Maxine Hird
  • Ann Westmorland
  • Geoff Westmorland
  • Alan Dodson
  • Donna Moran
  • Shaun Middleton
  • Peter Hardacre
  • Shane Follettii
  • Eric Mitchell

Well done to you all and another thank you on behalf of this Township.

By Ferret

8 thought on “Vengabusted…”
  1. Well done to all.
    Goodbye vengas. Guessing poor Jim will be in shock tonight 😂 . Can’t wait to see the pictures of him ripping his posters down.

  2. Thank you to you Ferret for all your hard work highighting all that is wrong with Kenyon well done.

  3. So Jims cunning plan was to finally let apple entertainment take over the planning??? Can anyone remember the list of costings that included an amount for “event planning”? …Apple entertainment have already had at least £3000 paid to them!!! It was on the budget and put down as….you guessed it …EVENT PLANNING!!! So why suggest them at this late stage when they have already been paid. Anyway all irrevelent now the vengabus aint coming.. power to the people!

  4. This is not going to endeer me to many people. I actually felt quite sorry for the man tonight. It was as though he could not understand what was happening. And no, I’m not being taken in by Jim.
    I hear everything you all say about his apparant megalomania, and I think he’s not performed well as a Chairman. He’s failed to engage the community… as have many of our politicians. But, notwithstanding the allegations he and other of our councillors refuse to discuss with us, I think that somewhere inside he had this skewed belief that the community was going to have one hell of a party on Venga Day. Yes, it would have been a monument to Jim, but he probably thought that a price worth paying.

    But herein lies the problem. Regardless of the nature of the motivation, you HAVE To LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY Jim.
    After all, the community put you there because it believed you had its and not your own best interests at heart. You should have put out some information.. maybe even a flyer up in places such as the libraries, Tescos, local pubs and clubs. To ask the people what they thought about the music festival idea. Did you do that?
    Also, you must be aware that the values you say you stand for, being honesty and transparency, should ACTUALLY MEAN SOMETHING. They are not simply things you talk about as part of your election campaign. Nor is it prudent to start over turning every stone laid down by previous councillors when it comes at a high price to the community. Both in financial terms and distracting you from other matters that matter, such as Plan 2036.
    Jim, you clearly are Chair of a divided Council, where even the Clerk seems to be selective in information sharing. Ask yourself if you can pull this Council together, and to put an end to this in-fighting. I doubt it. I do see councillors who seem to have qualities that are necessary for this task, and who genuinely seem to want the best for the Community. We all know who they are. It’s probably time to hit the road Jim. Too many fights, too many allegations. Give somebody else the chance to win back our trust.
    I did feel sorry for you tonight Jim. I really did. But, there’s still the Parish Meeting on the horizon. Regards

  5. Well David mate, I don’t feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for the people up in Ayr who’s trust he abused. And he will do the same here if he is allowed to. You are a good man, and worth ten of him, I can say that because I know you. Don’t feel sorry for him mate, he has no sympathy for the people he has fleeced, and no conscience, he has demonstrated that multiple times and if the rumours are true? he has ridden roughshod over proper procedures and looked after his friends instead of the good people of the area. He has to go, before the damage is terminal.

  6. What a fantastic result last nites meeting meant for the community,and what a fantastic job the 9 councillors did finally coming together and doing the right thing for the community and voting to cancel the ridiculous Vengaboys concert.A massive Thankyou to ferrett for all your hard work continually letting the community know what certain councillors have been doing with our precept money.A huge and massive Thankyou to councillor Hird for all her hard work and care she gives to our community a true councillor who serves with passion,let’s hope this is now the beginning of a Town council that ALL serve the community that elected them and if not remember votes do count.

  7. Just to clarify, I genuinely think he didn’t grasp what was happening. Also, his primary motivation is to build a platform for himself. I’ve heard all the allegations of nepotism and misappropriation. His and their refusal to refute these or to seek legal address, it speaks volumes.
    But, I did feel sorry for him because to me it was clear last night that he is deluded and so far out of touch with the community he says he represents. I honestly think he believes his own rhetoric. No one else does.
    But he also says we have lost 20K. He cannot tolerate or cope with the notion that he and his supporters have actually wasted OUR money, not their own. Did they really think that precept payers in this economic crisis, and living in a community that is not exactly affluent could and should have paid 32 quid a ticket?!
    There was clearly no business plan, and the Town Clerk should not be allowed to hide in the shadows here. What exactly is his role?! He says he has a background in finance. So, why did he let this venture go forward on only a glorified shopping list?!
    And, to Jim as one human being to another, whereas I can feel sorry for anyone who seems to be falling apart in front of my eyes, I cannot condone or accept any form of despotism, and although you talk of openness, transparency and honesty. you and the malificent 4 should RESIGN. The community doesn’t trust you, and despite the strategic appearances of individual supporters who say they speak for the majority of us, we want Councillors who care more about the community than themselves. We do have some, and everybody knows who they are. Ferret thank you for giving us this forum and for continually providing food for thought. Maxine thanks for being our strongest voice on the Council.
    Time to go Jim.

  8. October 2019 apple agency roped in for planning of festival with a £2500 payment…another £3000 paid to them just this last November! They have been involved since the very beginning and still ticket sales faied miserably! A down payment of HALF their £1500 fee to “mercury” who cancelled themselves and weren’t even coming anyway! Payments to stage connections in November 21 of £4120! Posters…tickets printing(twice, because of date change)numerous advertisements in papers, facebook ,instagram etc. All has cost us dearly! Mr Draper says around £20,000! I suspect probably more! This hairbrained scheme was a terrible idea from the very beginning…a bit like placing Jim as chairman! Time to go mr Kenyon or do we have to go to the streets again and have the good people of our townships put pen to paper and sign another petition! This time to call for your immediate removal! ” In the name of God…GO!

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