Mon. May 20th, 2024

Further to the post yesterday and one quick phone call to Wakefield Council, Ferret is able to provide an answer to where the fence should be on the Wannaville Allotments site at the end of First Avenue in Fitzwilliam.

It is clear to see from the map provided that the fence should be in the ORIGINAL position from which Mr Jim Kenyon, Chair Independent Hemsworth Town Council had it moved.

Ferret would hope, as a matter of urgency that Independent Hemsworth Town Council do the right thing and move the fencing back to it’s rightful position, and in doing so, safeguarding the hundreds of children who walk to Fitzwilliam Primary School each and every day…

By Ferret

One thought on “Allotment fence…”
  1. Caught out again Kenyon, who was going to be the beneficiary of this scullduggery? Mmmmmm I wonder ???

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