Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Readers of Ferret may remember one of the first dubious acts, Mr Jim Kenyon, Chair – Independent Hemsworth Town Council authorised when the Independents took control of Hemsworth Town Council was for the clearing of the former Farmers site and fencing which was paid for by YOU.

Just to recap, it cost you at least a total of £4253 to clear the land belonging to multi-millionaires Councillors Jean and Gordon Eccles.

The original post is here:

Ferret has been contacted today, regarding the fencing as it is in such a dangerous precarious state as shown on the photograph.

Ferret hopes that Councillor’s Eccles attend to this as a matter of urgency, as it seems to be only held up by the lamp post it is resting on.

Let’s hope that this time Councillor’s Eccles pay for the remedial work themselves and don’t come looking for US to pay for it mending…

By Ferret

4 thought on “Councillor’s Eccles – Dangerous fence…”
  1. this puzzles me ..the car park which belongs to eccles ,,when did he purchase extra land ? only recently as it was a green at one point an a car park for the houses at front people using bookies take away and occupants of houses…the farmers didnt have that much land and its only in last 2 3 years its been cleaned and fenced by htc …so he must have recently bought this land after he left the pub to go derelict and land to be over grown and used as a dump ….. planning permission was sought for a supermarket at one point i believe but couldnt get building permission ? so how come all of a sudden housing can be built …..and isnt there a law that states any council land cant be sold for 10 year after purchase?

  2. I suspect he has not bought any extra land at the farmers. He has just enclosed the whole site, therefore claiming the extra parts as his own! Just like he blatantly did at his yard at his own house at the entrance to the waterpark, when he enclosed a chunk of the road that DID NOT belong to him! Blatant theft and disregard for anyone but themselves !

  3. surley something wrong as he blocked access to the rear houses at back….think il investigate more lol

  4. Just driven past and JoKe having another attempt at repairing fence.

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