Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Despite Independent Hemsworth Town Council agreeing to review Mr Jim Kenyon’s further pipe dream and next failure on 28 February 2022, Independent Hemsworth Town Council have spent even more of your money on it.

According to the December 2021 accounts, a further £2100 has been spent on a Concert which has sold less than 300 tickets, with only 77 of which have been sold to members of our Parish.

The same accounts also show further tickets have been returned for refunds.

Mr Draper had previously informed Councillors in October 2021, that there would be no further spending on this concert until after the review date.

Maybe Mr Draper could explain why even more money has now been spent…

By Ferret

3 thought on “More money spent on the Vengaboys Concert…”
  1. In Kenyon’s head he knows best and we need to be grateful that’s he’s doing this for us. At absolutely no risk to him whatsoever as it’s only monopoly money.
    Resign now

  2. He’s out of control, Even his supporters must realise this, and what about Draper, he’s obviously disregarding council decisions also. They should be made to repay anything not authorised by the council and both need to be ashamed of themselves and resign

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