Mon. May 20th, 2024

Ferrets financial (losses) calculations for the failed litigation against Saul Construction Limited…

Ferret thought is was time to get out the calculator and have a look at some of the massive costs incurred to the Township by Mr Jim Kenyon, Mr Womersley and their fellow Councillors who have supported them throughout.

These figures are taken directly from Independent Hemsworth Town Councils Accounts, Mr Kenyon’s various rants in meetings and Freedom of Information requests which have been made.

Total legal costs to date: £135,244.92

Hotel Cost (for legal team): £294.50

Knotweed management: £2244.60

Compensation to residents: £30,000

Section 106 money relinquished: £300,000

Section 106 money to repay: £50,000

Unbilled legal costs: £20,000

A TOTAL OF £537,784.02

This does not include any of the numerous hours spent by salaried Hemsworth Town Council staff dealing with debacle.

Ferret readers, you must also remember this is only ONE failed venture by the Independents led by Mr Jim Kenyon. There are at least two others namely the Vengaboys concert and the Lakeside Café Bar to add to this…

By Ferret

3 thought on “A new record for Mr Jim Kenyon: He’s beaten his previous financial disaster at Ayr…”
  1. Vengaboys
    Ongoing cafe
    Farmers car park
    Job creation of security manager/training
    Storage unit/asbestos removal
    list set to grow.

  2. They need to be out!!! They are good at spending other peoples money and wasting it and helping themselves at the same time.

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