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In the recent Hemsworth Town Council meeting held on the 3rd of February 2022, Mr Jim Kenyon, Chair of the Independent led Council, was asked if he was now going to apologise for the lies he has been spreading for over ten years, concerning the conduct of the previous Councillors and Town Clerk.

Despite his allegations being proven false by his own specialist Forensic expert, who was engaged at enormous expense to us of course and an internal investigation that was carried out over many months by his own staff, nothing could be found to substantiate his claims.

His own Forensic expert even asked him to supply additional evidence to assist his investigation, once again he could not provide any.

Plenty of empty malicious words but none with any credibility or founded in reality.

Despite this, he again attempted to divert attention from the apology request for his lying, by restating his already disproven scurrilous allegations over the Kirkby Road contract, that was in fact drawn up and overseen by the Governments own valuation officer, the District Valuer and not the previous Town Council or any company they had employed.

When challenged he admitted there was no proof to support his damaging and scurrilous lies.

He again tried to deflect and divert from his lying by giving a Jim Kenyon version of history that has already been disproved.

When challenged again he admitted he “might have said it and it was his opinion”.

Now get ready for the new low, he said “let them take me to task, sue me”

Kenyon a former bankrupt, with little or no assets in his own name, not even the house he lives in, defending the indefensible by challenging the people he has damaged and harmed to sue him, knowing full well any civil legal action against him will potentially cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and when won will be pointless because Kenyon has no assets to pay any settlement or costs awarded.

Ferret has only one last thing to say

In the name of decency RESIGN and crawl back into a hole where you belong, the deeper and the quicker the better.

Coming soon to Ferret…The full financial impact of the completed Saul agreement on our Township and as Cilla would say: Surprise, Surprise, it’s not as Jimmy would have you believe…

By Ferret

6 thought on “Kenyon the Disgrace – No Proof, No Apology, A New Low…”
  1. When one reads various accounts and activities of some on HTC you can’t help but soon arrive at the conclusion that there’s a striking similarity between themselves and the current occupant’s of Downing street in that they are all strangers to the truth. So maligned is that relationship that one can’t help but think psychiatric intervention is needed it’s so abnormal

  2. Or is it easier to say Kenyon is a lying thieving scumbag, just my opinion so take me to task as Kenyon would say.

  3. I’ve been thinking this myself for a long time cracker jack.

  4. Not just JK he had people that voted to allow him to do the things he’s done.
    People need to remember that, when making decisions how they vote. Because that’s the only way you will remove him.

  5. You’re right Cathy the councillors and people who have blindly supported him including the town clerk must be held accountable at some point. The Eccles’ and Womersley are definitely included.

  6. once he is removed both Draper and Knowles need sacking asap as they have constantly carried out his bidding without question knowing it was wrong just to feather their own nest.

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