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A parishioner asked what investments have been made?

Cllr Kenyon replied that plant vehicles have been procured as well as investment in the café bar and that there should be some capital funding in the pipeline from Wakefield Council.

So, in over two years the only investments that Independent Hemsworth Town Council have made has been some plant machinery which was dubiously purchased; more on that here

Plant and machinery financially depreciate substantially each year:

How much did this cost our Township in 2019?

How much is it worth now?


Investment in a Café Bar turning it into a 1960s style Public House which has suffered massive losses ever since!

Nice to see Mr Jim Kenyon and his fellow Councillors continue to be financially astute with our money…

By Ferret

3 thought on “Investments…”
  1. Second hand plant machinery an investment? It’s not worth a toot on a rag man’s horn plus there was no need of them. Why do you need a huge digger in a water park? Why do you need a big construction site roller in a water park? Why do you need a construction site dumper in a water park? In all the times I’ve been in that park I’ve never seen them in use not once

  2. Plant and machinery always depreciate each year and then of course they have had plenty more of our money spent on them either on maintenance or repair or bringing up to a usable condition and then staffing costs regarding training to be able to use them. Oh and then the “free” store. As for the pub conversation with cash payments with little to show for all the money spent and then the massive losses that have followed it’s not wonder everything that Kenyon touches turns to dust.

  3. I requested a copy of the HTC Asset Register last year and was given a random list of items in response.
    This is not the full Asset Register, which is required to record various details against each item, including date of purchase, valuation, location, full description etc.
    Q. Has anyone else managed to obtain a full copy of the register?
    I would be very interested to see the valuations against each asset, the assets held under “land and buildings” and any new entries made since May 2019 (to reflect the amount of operational/capital expenditure over the last 2.5 years).
    It’s clear from the many monthly purchase records that all sorts of items of equipment have been procured, not just diggers eg laptops.
    I think these should be made visible to the community, for the community.

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