Wed. May 22nd, 2024

A Seasonal reprise of – A few but only a few of Kenyon’s “achievements” in brief.

On the eighth day of Kenyonmess…Air Quality Management area misrepresentation. – fully supported  by Kenyon

Even to this day the “green queen” that is Kenyon will still spout his lies about the air Quality Management area in Hemsworth by still saying it is not at an acceptable level.

Once again the truth in the real world differs from the world of make believe that Kenyon retreats into to substantiate his continual lies.

The air quality in Hemsworth is at an acceptable level as Ferret pointed out in a previous post by referencing the actual authorised figures.

By Ferret

One thought on “The 24 Days of Kenyon-mess…”
  1. Hes a good liar I will tell you that
    His followers will believe him because they have no idea and won’t try to find the truth about it all
    They say oh yeah Kenyon says so it must be true
    Let’s hope they are starting to break free from the grooming they have had

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