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Readers of Ferret may remember my previous posts regarding LP21 which is part of the wider Wakefield District Local Plan 2036.

LP21 is the reference number for the farmers field between the Woodlands estate and Vale Head Park in Hemsworth.

Previous Posts 10 August 2021 and 14 August 2021

Mr Alan Draper – Clerk, Independent Hemsworth Town Council can now be added to the list of people that has betrayed and lied to these poor residents. He knew about these proposals all along and actually submitted an objection to the building of houses on the former Sports Complex site on Kirkby Road in Hemsworth – Ferret wonders why?

Due to the complete lack of action by Independent Hemsworth Town Council, when this field is developed and houses are built – for which a developer has already showcased the plans – Hemsworth, Kinsley and Fitzwilliam will become conjoined with no visible boundaries.

And all this was allowed to happen whilst Mr Jim Kenyon and his Independent cronies were spending hundreds of thousands of pounds of your money on litigation trying to stop the building of houses on the former Sports Complex site on Kirkby Road in Hemsworth.

In a recent meeting held at Wakefield Council on 3 December, Mr Ford stated that Hemsworth Town Council have been aware of these proposals since the beginning. He also accepted that 300 nearby residents seemed unaware of them. Ferret cannot understand why our local Council and Councillors failed in their duty to inform their residents of these proposals.

Mr Jon Trickett MP, admirably put across the concerns regarding loss of green belt, blurring of settlement boundaries, and increased pressure on scarce local resources.

He was supported by a Councillor representing Ackworth, who referred to traffic congestion that will spill over to Ackworth when the development takes place.

Ferret finds it indefensible that Independent Hemsworth Town Council, Mr Alan Draper, Mr Jim Kenyon and Mr Ian Womersley did not attend this meeting. This is despite the fact that they blatantly lied to the people of our Township, when they stated they were unaware of these proposals back in August 2021.

Ferret supports the people of the Woodlands estate in seeking a public meeting to discuss this lack of action and any further action the precept payers wish to call for…

By Ferret

12 thought on “The people of the Woodlands estate deserve better…”
  1. Hopefully we can get a reset due to the fact no one was consulted and we were all in dark
    It doesn’t look good but one step is having a say on how many houses are built and how the roads are laid

    Mr kenyon and Mr wormersley has really let the people down with this one

  2. Nothing else exists outside of Kenyon world, nothing in it for him, so not interested.

  3. Kenyon needs to go, his cohorts need to go, and the Town Clerk needs sacking. Also there needs to be forensic examination of the workings of HTC, and criminal proceedings brought against them if necessary. Time to purge the disease.

  4. I am a resident from Springvale Rise and the lies we have been told from Mr Draper and the HTC go on and on,it’s obvious from the evidence we have just how many times they have lied to residents about the proposed housing development LP21 affecting the green belt fields that surround our homes.We have the support from Mr Jon Trickett MP who attended in person to the meeting held on 3/12/21 at Wakefield Town Hall and spoke with passion about our community the so called councillors failed to turn up Mr Kenyons chair remained empty,time now for them to come clean no more lies and we have requested a full public meeting as this will impact on everyone Fitzwilliam,Kinsley and Hemsworth ,we need to stand together and show HTC they are answerable to the people who live in our community and not themselves.

  5. Most certainly the residents of the woodlands estate have been let down and is there make any wonder why. HTC have not taken their eye off the ball they’ve had it on another ball, football, and their rediculous downright stupid obsession with pursuing futile legal actions that should have ceased a long time ago. Add on to that the equally insane imbecilic daft idea of refurbishing long past their sell by date pubs and organising pop concerts of geriatric pensioner pop bands. Local government and local planning are not over exciting aspects of area governance but that’s the reason we elect councillor’s for and that’s what they should concentrate on. Most reasonable and sane councils would have accepted way before now that mediation was the most sensible route to settle the Kirby road dispute but not these and in so pursuing their blind obsession with it they’ve neglected and failed miserably in their duty as elected representatives and failed the residents of the woodlands too.

  6. All this money wasted on legal costs coud have been utilised for things that are actualy needed and be readily available for rainy day reasons like the woodlands battle. Looks to me like we should be employing professional planning experts to handle this battle and to put the best defence forward. So HTC are you going to fund this for the residents in need of your help at this critical time. Is there any of our money left in the kitty?

  7. It is with a heavy heart that I have to say I believe this is an uphill struggle. You see we entered the game after the final whistle was blown. WMDC can and does say that it held a consultation period open for comments regarding the Hemsworth sites. The Inspector will likely agree with this. WMDC can say that it has conducted or commissioned feasibility, sustainability and environmental impact assessments. But as we know there’s lies, damn lies and statistics… With emperical evidence that the sites are suitable for development. Let’s face it, when someone in politics or planning says they gave followed the regulations… Well there simply has been no Christmas Party!

    But. here’s the rub. The councillors we elected and the Town Clerk have clearly known about all the proposed sites for some considerable time. And, they have shown they are only interested in land they own. They have failed to ensure that the community has been made fully aware of the proposed sites, and the impact that development is likely to have on our community. I live on the Woodlands estate, and it is easy to say that residents have a vested interest. But, its not just about protecting our views… Its about the loss of ecologically and recreational important land that all the community gas been able to enjoy. Then there’s the impact on local resources… And regardless of WMDC spin there is no doubt that there will be an incredible strain on already stretched resources in the area.
    What about cultural identity? Do the residents of Kinsley and Fitzwilliam and Hemsworth want to become one big urban village on the outskirts of metropolis Wakefield. I note that City fields is growing daily as it moves towards Crofton.
    Finally, Mr Draper how can you make the arguments against development of the Kirby Road site in terms of biodiversity and the importance of green land, as well as air quality issues, when you do not see that these issues are at least equally important in respect of LP21.
    So, it’s an uphill battle and it is draining us all. But, if Mr Ford or HTC thinks we will quit
    .. they are so wrong. Some of us like running up those hills. NO PROBLEM!!

  8. Well written David. Totally agree and support you and the fellow residents of the woodlands estate.

  9. My concerns are the lack of representation at planning meetings from HTC. Woodlands, Common End and Highfields not consulted. Yet only Woodlands is challenged.
    Give it a year and same issues on woodlands will hit common end and Highfields residents.

  10. 20 October 2020
    Hemsworth Town Council put a post on Facebook.
    The post shows weekly Citizens Advice stuff.
    1 comment under it says:-

    Hi, Does anyone know about the Local Plan consultation which Wakefield Council are doing on line? There’s a map of our area with proposed developments for the next 15 years but I can’t follow it. Has anyone else managed to have a crack, to try and understand any changes afoot? The link is: The deadline for comments is in December. I don’t think it’s right that everything is on line as most folks, including me, will struggle to grasp reading from a screen. Any comments welcome. Thanks

    Posted by a woman named Linda.

    I fully believe they were aware. Maybe not each individual councillor but the Chair, Clerk etc certainly.

    But when you have a council that only cares about a stupid concert, a battle with Saul, donkeys, cleaning up the Farmers land eyesore and buying machinery what do you expect!?

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