Wed. May 22nd, 2024

A Seasonal reprise of – A few but only a few of Kenyon’s “achievements” in brief.

On the fifth day of Kenyonmess…Cemetery Road sports facilities – Opposed by Kenyon

The Cemetery Road sports fields and changing rooms were subjected to a major overall around 2015/16.

The then Hemsworth Town Council were approached by representatives of the teams about the dilapidated state the grounds had been allowed to deteriorate into.

The site was owned by WMDC but the changing rooms were HTC owned. Hemsworth Town Council negotiated a community asset lease from WMDC and by utilising an advance section 106 payment from the Kirkby Road development, provided major improvements including the car park, full perimeter fencing, pitch layout and improvements to the changing rooms.

Once again Mr Kenyon tried to spoil the party by repeatedly making false allegations about the source of the money used to finance the venture.

By Ferret

2 thought on “The 24 Days of Kenyon-mess…”
  1. Kenyon, forever the liar, stay missing please, it’s lovely without you.

  2. The awkward squad. Someone I know an ex councillor told me it was very difficult for previous councils to function in normal business because the awkward squad has he called them along with their loyal pack dogs would disrupt anything and everything whether it was legitimate or otherwise. They’d demand audits, checks, on anything and nothing all on the guise they were trying to protect the public purse whilst one of their number was engaged in the illicit sale of contraband depriving the exchequer of hundreds of thousands of pounds. One local facility I used obtained a grant from WMDC and a rather small grant from HTC to improve its services to the community which it did. On the day it opened on the dot up turns two of the pack dogs whom had never in their lives used the facility previously they scanned the place over stayed all but ten minutes left and no doubt duly reported back to their commander in chief. A regular user of the service told me and said get ready the letters of complaints will at this very moment be typed up and put into the council. How right they were within days they were complaining moaning and grumbling demanding this that and the other and condemning the place out of hand. Serial grumblers but spare a thought could you imagine having to be married to one of them God help us.

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