Mon. May 20th, 2024

It is quite clear for all to see that Mr Jim Kenyon – Chair of Independent Hemsworth Town Council is a Narcissist.

If anyone is unfortunate enough to have to deal with him the following video may help:

By Ferret

4 thought on “Put a Narcissist in their place…”
  1. Wow that’s him all over. So it’s no no no no to the Bodger and all Kenyons other aliases

  2. Gone very quiet since news came out of the sale of Kirkby rd site being very close. A sale that HTC gets nothing from I’m led to believe?

  3. Re the sale of the site or to give it it’s proper term the completion via mediation. There will arise the questions of costs for both parties which will no doubt be very very substantial as we can already see through HTC accounts. I would imagine and I could be wrong that if mediation is agreed then it maybe a condition that neither party pursues the other for costs. If this happens then the questions begging answering from HTC is exactly how much has this cost the precept payers and given why you have now used mediation you did not pursue that course of action much earlier thus ensuring us the precept payers a far far lesser loss. No doubt given what we now see we can understand their haste in flogging off assets left right and centre to cover up the enormous amount of money wasted on pursuing stupid legal cases built on sand they ought never to be allowed near public office again

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