Mon. May 20th, 2024

A Seasonal reprise of – A few but only a few of Kenyon’s “achievements” in brief

On the third day of Kenyonmess, Jimmy gave to me…

Community Centre – Opposed by Kenyon

The Community Centre strongly contested by Kenyon at every turn, again using the same old tricks and circulating lies about valuations and even V.A.T. fiddles etc. which led to a vat inspection being carried out on Hemsworth Town Council.

Guess what! – Nothing was found to be amiss.

Ferret has to wonder if the same would happen now if the inspectors were called in?

By Ferret

One thought on “The 24 Days of Kenyon-mess…”
  1. Believe it or not his alter ego the Bodger is still making the same accusations about the VAT. I Wonder why he hasn’t called the VAT Inspectors in to investigate again. Maybe the Frenkel report put him off. It would be good to have them all reinspected now . Bet we wouldn’t see Kenyon and co for dust.

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