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These are the exact word used by Mr Jim Kenyon – Chair Independent Hemsworth Town Councillor and Mr Ian Womersley – Independent District (and former Town) Councillor, used on numerous occasions relating to the lack of services they perceived Hemsworth received compared to other areas of the district, by Wakefield Council.

Mr Ian Womersley still to this day, claims Hemsworth is “owed” thousands of ££££ from Wakefield Council.

Ferret was intrigued then, when considering the above, that Independent Hemsworth Town Council purchased a gritter and started to do Wakefield Councils job for them.

A job which YOU already pay for in your Council Tax.

Ferret wonders how much Wakefield Council paid Independent Hemsworth Town Council to complete this work?

Or have YOU paid twice for it?…

By Ferret

17 thought on “We won’t take no for an answer…”
  1. Well let’s say I’ve a great understanding of how the winter gritting process works after doing it for nigh on sixteen years. Is Hemsworth favoured less well when it comes to gritting? Is it buggary the process is as follows all main arterial roads and major roads are given priority throughput the district Hemsworth is no different. Secondary roads estates etc are less prioritised for obvious reasons and due to central government cuts over the years have become less, you can’t do more with less councillors of all persuasions know this or ought to know this this and to convey otherwise to their electorates is disingenuous. That said if you’re gaining political kudos by lying all the time why not,as it gained anything more for the electorate not in the slightest. So have the electorate been deceived by yet another cheap political stunt certainly they have. If HTC spent a little more time and effort in pursuing services from wmdc than blaming them for all the shortcomings then they may be appreciated sadly they can’t or won’t do this as they’re too bleeding occupied in pursuing vanity projects that are out of control and lack any semblance of sensible management of public funds. Diggers, pop concerts etc aren’t going to improve the lot of Hemsworth. How much could forty two thousand pounds have done to help the food banks maybe they should ask themselves that and go round Hemsworth with a leaflet telling folk so.


  2. Need to think about two things with this, where was it purchased from? And what it was really purchased for?
    There’s no way any business reasoning went into this purchase as it will get comparatively little use over a full year even in a bad winter and anyway that’s Wakefield’s responsibility. So I bet it’s stored down at the waterpark readily available to keep Hoyle mill road clear up to the lord and lady’s privately gated driveway which will be then opened to allow it to grit up to their stately cctv protected home to ensure their safety.

  3. Bet we’ve paid more than twice for this if the diggers are anything to go by. What the hell are they thinking it will be stood rusting for 99%
    of the year. Well I suppose it will keep the digger company.

  4. What ticket did Linda Pringle stand on? Independent?
    Does she ever join in the Wakefield Council bashing in public? All the independents do like to indulge in a spot of Wakefield Council bashing does Linda that works in Fostering of Children and young people bite the hand that feeds ? Does she bring her employer into disrepute? Is she too part of Hemsworth Community Forum which has a primary goal of bashing her employer
    Surely there’s a conflict of interest?

  5. Do we know when the Gritter was purchased ?

  6. if this is a pic of the gritter used and in action can i ask where the vehicle number plate is that it towing it ?. so now not only doing a service that we already pay wmdc for but doing it illegally contravening the road traffic act.

  7. What gets me is the hypocrisy of Kenyon and womersley. These two used the condition of the cemetery and other places under the care wmdc to instigate disruption after disruption at local meetings. They would object strongly if anyone suggested the town council upkeeping or taking over the running of facilities. Yet here we are, they just folded at the first hurdle and did take no for an answer. Then have gone on to spend spend spend our money frivolously on machinery to do Wakefield’s work. Then of course there’s the work done councillors own property on top. We must be stupid or they thought we were. Time to face the music and answer all the legitimate questions about your claims and conduct. As for Womersley you don’t think your past conduct is unquestionable because you’ve resigned and run away do you, because it isn’t. The day of reckoning will come.

  8. Could someone have the good grace to inform the badger sight and site are two different words meaning two different things. You don’t site something when you look at it much as you don’t build things on a building sight. Pretty basic elementary stuff really.

  9. Linda Pringle works in fostering and child care, really and she supports kenyon or Bodger and her husband who want to let kiddies loose on an alleged contaminated site at a price to us 6 to 8 million pounds plus annual running costs ! Well assuming she is a genuine caring person who would not want to put kiddies in danger, can the site be contaminated or is it just another Bodger Kenyon lie she and her husband are supporting and promoting. Bet her employer may have something to say about this.

  10. Someone who works with childcare supporting an allegation about contamination but wants it to become a kiddies play area, sorry doesn’t gel with me. Either untrue or exaggerated allegation or Linda pringles bosses need to be having a loud word in her ear as it says a lot for her character and must reflect back on her employer.

  11. If Bodger badger says it’s rite it must be right or it could be write. The man is an infinite fountain of knowledge or is it gobshite as we Irish say.

  12. Ferret must really be annoying Badger, because they can’t finish spelling a word they are typing that fast.
    Quit – Quite
    Don – done

  13. Didn’t HTC pay for a playworld banner
    that had letters missing and incorrect spelling. Think someone is showing their hand or paw 🐾

  14. I Still not got an answer as to what a camelion is? Maybe Jim/badger/Janet has been doing genetic experiments down at the water park?

  15. A Camelion definition:
    It’s a hybrid of a Bodger and badger with a large percentage of a Kenyon thrown in. Add a sprinkle of pringle and a smidgen of Janet. Stir well and mix with asbestos and petrochemical.
    Hey presto you have the chair of Hemsworth Town Council.

  16. And I thought Donald Trump was a brazen liar? Lets hope Jim doesn’t have even higher political ambitions than even his failed district council bid.

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