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Ferret was a little puzzled recently as to why Mr Kenyon – Chair Independent Hemsworth Town Council and his numerous aliases were resurrecting the old scares they had liar mongered for years, regarding the alleged contamination on the former Sports Complex site on Kirkby road in Hemsworth.

This was particularly strange as Ferret is aware that Saul Construction Limited have been locked out of the site from 2015 and the site has been subjected to inspections by the various official agencies, at the instigation of Mr Kenyon and the allegations been proven to be without foundation.

As said, Ferret would normally have been a little puzzled, but as we already know Mr Kenyon has never let the truth or reality obstruct a Kenyon lie.

There are those in this community who will distinctly remember the letters and statements sent out not long after his election, stating the site had been reclaimed and any of Saul’s equipment left on the site was removed.

There was no mention of contamination then, as he announced his grandiose plan for the site’s future. For over a further two and a half years the site has remained under Hemsworth Town Council’s lock and key, leaving it only accessible by them. Yet the contamination issue reappears now.

Could it be that Kenyon and Co realised that the up and coming Court case was too weak on its own to reclaim the site and Saul needed to be “persuaded” to give up, by making the site commercially unattractive?

What’s strange is the facts about the site don’t support the allegations made, so how could Mr Kenyon give some if only a little support, to base his accusations on?

Would you believe a Hemsworth Town Council vehicle and trailer full of waste appeared at the site, where Kenyon was witnessed giving instruction to the driver and the contents of the trailer were taken on site and dumped there?

Mr Kenyon would, if he ever answered a question deny this very serious and damming accusation but of course his alter egos will do it for him.

Ferret believes this is not only an unlawful act, but another gross deception of the electorate to add to the ever-growing list and yet again another wakeup to the Independent Councillors who still have any unwarranted semblance of faith in him. So, Mr Kenyon go back on to the site, remove whatever you have “planted”, reimburse the Council (us) for all the costs incurred in this appalling and disgraceful deception and RESIGN

By Ferret

22 thought on “Former Sports Complex – Contamination…”
  1. I’m Gobsmacked but really shouldn’t be, it all adds up, put together with his planned use for the site there is no way it could be used for kiddies to play on let alone anyone wanting to use it for kids at all, if he was telling the truth. The more I hear about this person the worse it gets. I wonder whose fault it will be this time not his of course but the people who have seen him do it no doubt. He wont resign until he’s made to.

  2. That probably explains why a certain person in council meetings, makes a point of shouting, never puts his hands up and is invited to speak. Just jumps up and starts spouting all asbestos is on the Kirby site. Perhaps this dumping of waste was discussed at the Hemsworth Community Forum that he’s part of, that the residents don’t see what is discussed or agreed upon.

  3. The following was posted by a local resident on Councillor Ian Womersleys page 2nd May 2020 …3:21 pm
    “HI IAN, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT IS CURRENTLY HAPPENING WITH THE OLD SPORTS COMPLEX ? JUST CURIOUS AS HTC HAVE BEEN ON THERE THE LAST COUPLE OF DAYS DOING WHAT APPEARS TO BE MOVING MUCK FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER” ,1 comment was given by a councillor(now resigned, not Ian) stating it was going to be a new sports complex .The whole post was deleted in less than 5 minutes. I have a screenshot of the original post with the residents name redacted.

  4. Yes we have video footage of the incident. As it also contains a member of staff who could be identified, the footage will not be posted on here. It will be made available to the appropriate authorities.

  5. Ah begorra begorra sure there’s nothing anymore surprises me with this crowd of lunatics. They’re their own worst advocates and their best critics. Sure you can’t build houses on there Jesus Mary and Joseph the land is contaminated didn’t yer know that you’ll poison people, well aye i did know that so I’ve a better idea we’ll build four football pitches on it and a running track and a nature trail and poison people that way, then we’ll blame the bloke who we stopped building houses on it for allowing us to build football pitches on it to poison people if yer understand what I mean. It’s a bit like shitting yer self and keeping yer pants on because they were only clean on yesterday.

  6. Has he been saying there’s asbestos on the Kirkby road site since work was halted by HTC employees discovered suspected asbestos in the new building they “bought/got free”…..if that is the case, in the absence of proof of how the suspected asbestos was removed, I’d be very suspicious! This really needs proper investigation by the relevant agencies. Asbestos is not something to be trifled with. In a recent post on his badger alter ego site he was talking about where contaminated soiled from the garage demolition was dumped, clearly hinting it was on the Kirkby road site.

  7. Ferret can confirm there is no contaminated soil from the garage on the site. This has been investigated before and Hemsworth Town Council (Mr Kenyon and Mr Badger) are fully aware of this.

  8. He is still trolling that line is Jim. If there’s proof or strong suspicions of the badger chairman overseeing the dumping/secreting of asbestos on the site, it needs to be escalated to the relevant authorities ASAP.

  9. Oh Ferret, you really must leave that poor old Chairman Kenyon alone. You’ve really upset him with this post, he’s even had to bring someone out who’s semi literate to write. Same old lies though, half truths distorted facts and complete rewriting of history where needed. I bet that poor upset chairman Kenyon Bodger badger Janet Pringle or whoever, doesn’t release the documents to back up his self pitying outcry. He’d even have us believe he was not responsible for the delays of over 13 years, he wasn’t the nit picking, over forensic challenge creep was he? Oh that’s right he was and now he’s even an expert on knotweed spreading. So come on Ferret play fair and leave the challenge creep alone after all he’s never hurt or done a bad thing to anyone in his life has he? Silly me wrong again he’s hurt and destroyed individuals and communities, and companies all his life from bankruptcy to dodge em and scarper here and abroad, never hurt a soul would our Bodger. What really hurts him is being exposed for the lying conniving slime ball he is. So keep telling the truth, people are listening and seeing this creep for what he really is.

  10. Kenyon does not give a second thought for anyone but Kenyon. It’s way past the time he needs to be held accountable for all the misdeeds and harm that he has done. The man’s a monster and here’s a message for his lackeys, birds of a feather flock together.

  11. You know if Kenyon shows us the proof of his lecturer, teacher etc qualifications, then people may and I say may, may just start to take a bit of notice to the things that come out of his mouth that’s been created in his head. But we all know that’s impossible and he just tries to carry on and hope he can divert attention away from it like he does with all the other lies he creates and tells.

  12. That’s exactly what it says, there’s nothing on the site that can’t be remedied with existing tried an proven planning and building regulations.

  13. Can’t be that bad as Pringles been living next to it for years and hasn’t moved but then again he’s perhaps not a good advert for

  14. That is a very detailed report, but hardly a catalogue of major contamination! Seems to me that Mr Kenyon has skated through it and cherry picked bits which suited his agenda. Some level of residual contamination could be expected due to the nature of previous industrial activity on the site. None of it amounts to an unresolvable situation.

  15. Once again Kenyon exposed as continuing a lie he knew was untrue years ago. He really must have mashed potatoes for brains.

  16. Surly all councillors are reading this. How can they not have all the details when voting to waste money.

    If I was Saul I’d do a timeline of events. Date signed, each legal challenge and win and loss and hand over to councillors before the mediation meeting with HTC.

  17. Surly all councillors are reading this. How can they not have all the details when voting to waste money.

    If I was Saul I’d do a timeline of events. Date signed, each legal challenge and win and loss and hand over to councillors before the mediation meeting with HTC.

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