Tue. May 28th, 2024

Despite assurances from Mr Jim Kenyon – Chair Independent Hemsworth Town Council our collective questions sent to him and Mr Alan Draper – Clerk, for the meeting on 12 October 2021 remain unanswered.

Ferret would therefore request that the first question in our list is answered as a matter of urgency:

Can and will the Chair – Mr Jim Kenyon, provide written proof of his many claimed qualifications?

If the Chair is unable or unwilling to answer this question then he must resign from his position immediately.

By Ferret

12 thought on “One Question…”
  1. Well in 3 weeks nothing has been answered not one question. There’s been one “correction” that wasn’t actually a correction to anything printed on social media. This shows that they can use a pc or laptop and they can find their council page. So nothing to correct it seems so only one thing left Kenyon and lackeys, resign. If you need help in writing these out there’s plenty of people who will willingly help you then you can just sign them. But please put your real names on if you are able to do that I know it will be difficult with a Lifetime of lying to overcome.

  2. One question is one question too many when the answer in itself will expose all of Kenyon’s lies and deceit

  3. i emailed draper last week regarding info on meetings only received out of office until 3rd november yesterday he still had not replied so i sent a reminder no reply sent another this morning no reply and this aft also sent one not long since asking for clarification if meeting was on and could i turn up and ask any question on any topic as yet no reply i find it rather unacceptable that a clerk is unavailable until 24 hours before an extraordinary meeting were public are invited not much time to asses and answer any questions posed by the public, but hey maybe they prefer it that way

  4. From: KEVIN Conway
    Sent: Thursday, November 4, 2021 3:30:48 PM
    To: Clerk | Hemsworth Council
    Subject: Re: meeting on 4th nov

    Is meeting still on why haven’t you answered my emails regarding meeting structure and protocols can i still attend and ast any question on any topic please this is 3rd time i have asked in last 2 days
    Clerk | Hemsworth Council
    Thu 04/11/2021 15:34
    Unfortunately, tonight’s extraordinary council meeting regarding the disposal of the Club Terrace site has been cancelled. This is because the council’s appointed RICS valuer is unable to attend for personal reasons.
    not what i asked but hey it’s sort of a reply i suppose

  5. The extraordinary meeting at 7.00 is cancelled. But the leisure and recreation is still on at 7.45 pm tonight 4th November

  6. Krv
    Extraordinary meeting cancelled but leisure and recreation is still taking place at 7.45pm tonight 4th November

  7. Kenyon will not answer because he so arrogant and self centred. he thinks it is below him to answer to us mere commoners

  8. wow how quick were the f.o.is brushed aside n no written questions reported

  9. Kevin – this was just for the FOI to be approved by the councillors. Then a email will be sent to the person that requested the information.

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